Accel World Episode 3

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  • enemy spy said:

    cant wait!!!

  • dog said:


  • ideaguy said:

    wtf the last episode cuts out halfway through :(

  • kaichou said:

    k the last episode cut was really dumb or the subbers are just retardedly lazy.. this is the 3rd site i’ve been on trying to see what transpired between the 2 hot girls just as Mr pig was about to go celebrate with his new friend lol

    so srsly WTF!!! when is episode 3 coming out or a properly subbed full episode with an ending coming out so this anticipation subsides!!

  • dear13 said:

    I can’t wait any longer! I curious what’ll happen next…

  • warfight said:

    Guys… if your that desperate then just read the manga…You’ll see that it’s supposed to end there.

  • Colinlz said:

    This episode probably won’t come out until Saturday.

  • displced said:

    Im starting to think this is a bi-weekly anime…

  • CentralAngle said:

    Seeing how the anime was pre-aired, it’ll probably long until episode 3 comes out.
    Yes we can watch the manga and or read the light Novel, but seriously, I also wanna see it animated!
    Knowing already whats gonna happen I can’t wait to see it animated ;D

  • Kazuto Kirigaya said:

    The third episode should be out around April 20th, the second was just showed recently on T.V. The first 2 episodes were pre-air release. So that’s they didn’t show the 3rd episode yet.

  • Seth said:

    so… here we are at the 19th of april and still no 3rd episode yet all the other anime this season are about to be on their 4th or even 5th?

  • Akor_dragon said:

    Loved the ending song! :D Looking forward for the next episode!

  • serutos said:

    Her brain was lagging, MUST be a BACKDOOR progam… LOL :P

  • Whhh said:

    What the flying hell is that protagonist. This series is a fail

  • Witch said:

    LOL The English subs from Zetman got pasted over to source 4′s video. AHAHAHAHAH

  • Tomstone said:

    This Anime could be very interresting, but I guess I better forget about it a while. Its just easier to enjoy if you have a few Episodes to watch and not just one every week.

    Just what did he mean with Backdoor programm? That she got some sort of CTD(Cyber transmited desease) thats spying out his Data or what?

  • .Lio. said:

    Backdoor is either what hackers use to bypass any system w/o getting notice or to detect files and gain system and/or data access as I know

  • Bobosprings said:

    it isnt cut you should notice the music only misses half a second at the end.

  • McCarmine said:


  • Tomstone said:

    Thanks .Lio. . That whole scene was a bit weird, since he connected in a very ackward position, but I wonder why the girl doesnt notice what he is doing at all. You would expect her to say at least “Why are you air thumbling my breast?” :)

  • karen said:

    slick bastard

  • eesdeseseserd said:

    This is hilariously bad

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