Amnesia Episode 1

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  • Rokkx said:

    looking forward it ;D

  • Klein said:

    Looks Promising ..

  • しずか ^ U  ^ said:

    shin >0<

  • dr anime said:

    holy shit so many like before the sub. i got to check this out

  • Alvakarp said:

    When eng subs?

  • cbgal716 said:

    man i wish i could understand!!!!!!!but by looking and observing it looks so good.oh man someone please tell when this will be subbed because once it is i will rush to this site to watch it right away.i want it subbed SOOOOOOO BADLY!!!!!!!!

  • Heot said:

    Honnestly, the voice of the main character is irritating, the story is OK but clearly some kind of harem girl.

  • Nekomimi said:

    looks like this is going to be a Dating sim or just a obvious harem anime. Looks promising but it’s a bit early to say when there is only 1 episode. But it actually gives a weird vibe, don’t know what it is but i feel irritated and very confused about it. :l

  • Al said:


  • cbgal716 said:

    can’t believe i got to finally watch it subbed.i saw it yesterday even though it was raw just to get a feel for it and knew i had to see it when it was subbed and i am so happy and can’t wait for the next episode:)))))

  • Peweshtry said:

    Interesting >.>

  • exodiar said:

    all the male cast seem to have super weird eyes … i find this a strange thing… keep thinking it’s important

  • Avrai said:

    umm i dont get it o___o ill need more episodes to understand the plot

  • Priscilla said:

    This is a really good anime. I like it a lot .

  • x13xavi said:

    Can someone please tell me what song is on 1:50 part please

  • Vyse said:

    It’s actually based off a visual novel for PSP. Unfortunately, its not been translated into English. If your curious about it check out the Visual Novel Database.

  • C.King said:

    all the male characters with the exception of the diamond rep look like a member of a villainous organization in a video game or action anime, i like club rep’s character though with the long explanation with every joke.

    i know nothing about amnesia but i don’t get why every plot with it has the character so depressing. the way i see it, memories make the person so they should enjoy a new life and adventure without worries of the past

  • Then000bster said:

    Al couldn’t have said it better. Seriously wtf! Looks like it’ll be a nice plot twister.

  • x13xavi said:

    So no one one know what does the name of the melody on 1:50 and almost a thread ?

  • Tentensaidso said:

    The boys look like came out from Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000%

  • XLR8R said:

    am i the only who noticed one of the guys in the opening kind of looks like N from pokemon black/white?

  • theHaremKing said:

    its really confusing !

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