Amnesia Episode 7

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  • Robb said:

    Why the one she loves is the shorter episode? xDD

  • Heot said:

    Thanks for the spoil Robb !

    Anyway I kind of agree, those two definitivly match way more than any other.

  • Benson said:


  • Stick said:

    Oh what JIXX KEN gets the shortest development D: not even a KISS D: UGGGHHHHHH

  • Tentensaidso said:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I was already loving Kento and then she suffers like the seventh accident in this anime! At least now it is Toma and after that I guess the joker or we will come back to Shin…

  • Aikaterine said:

    SPOILER ALERT!!!!! DO NOT READ AHEAD IF YOU HAVEN’T PLAYED THE GAME!!! This is so sad! Ken is now left all alone because she got into another acciden and died! Every time the heroine dies she goes to a new world. The Joker Ukyu can cross dimensions, and there is a good and bad face of him. The good joker is trying to save her life by putting her back at August 1st every time, because her expiration date us August 25th…

  • dom said:

    WOW i didnt want that to happen :( go back to the green dude

  • C.King said:

    bull shit! greenie is awesome why does he only get 1 ep? also what is the game this is based on called?

  • DangaLang said:

    Out of all the guys, Kento is by far the best out of the bunch! He owns to his mistakes, he admits his faults, he LISTENS and UNDERSTANDS, and is completely honest. The ideal candidate!

  • mishencetu said:

    Why Kento-san has got only one episode!? The other ones have got 2/3 episodes! I didn’t want that to happen!

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