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  • War sword said:

    so cute

  • Another said:

    cute? what’s cute :D

    OMG, i cant fkin wait for this episode when is it out?

  • Kairrie said:

    I think its happening again… killing someone on accident… Maybe the calamity will take a turn for the better..or worse? >:)

  • anime said:

    is vrey nice this anime

  • Another said:

    he killed someone because he thought he was the non-existing one. I think :-D

  • Yoshimori Sumimmura said:

    Is this supposed to be subbed today? :D

  • yeah said:

    I think you’re right, Another. It shouldn’t be so easy to stop the calamity, the non-existing one, must be one of their close friends.

  • PhantomPhreek said:

    Why the fuc- can’t Misaki just say the name of the dead person goddammit all.

  • Antikythera Mechanism said:

    Omg , when they arrive to the point when they’ll reveal the Dead one , it seems like there’s more deaths in the trip than the whole year itself

  • Another said:

    ^ mmh I’ve thought about something.. didn’t they say 1person dies every month for 1year? hasn’t there already been like 8deaths or something like that?

  • Another said:

    damnn I’m clever.. i saw this right after im going to bed.. great..

  • ExposedNinja said:

    Death toll is higher than if Misaki just told everyone who the dead person is and they all killed him/her. This is an anime, sure. But dafuq, I thought Misaki wasn’t stupid? I guess she is. Really REEEAAAALLY dumb.

  • serutos said:

    its the teacher 100%

  • Nightpaw said:

    Well if misaki told who it was then this anime would not really last long. Although if she did tell this whole issue would still happen, the worse part is what if the Dead One was someone that was not suspected?

  • la said:

    yes if misaki would have said who was the dead one shit would have been way easier but did everyone forget she was being constantly interrupted by death and crazy ass bitches trying to kill her . yeah

  • KeimaKutsuragi'sYoungerSisterWhoFollowsTheExampleOfGirlsInHisGames said:

    if the cute dude with blue hair that the other pushed off is dead im going to stop watching the anime >O< !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Another said:

    Who’s even left? we know that it isnt akazawa now since misaki didn’t kill her, and it cant be Sakakibara since misaki said her twin died in april. .. so it can only be the teachers?? (i doubt) or Teshigawara, Yūya Mochizuki, Yumi Ogura, Tatsuji Chibiki (i highly doubt that it is him though) that’s the only ones left right?

  • Dr.Orange said:

    Must be the dying dude en route to the hospital. Him or the gardener, its always one of those background smirking bastards

  • XxBunnehWunnehxX said:

    I think I know who the dead person is..Is it the girl with the pigtails? The girl at the end. Akazawa? And when Takako was announcing the tape, Akazawa slipped? She must of died or got hurt. BUT SHE’S FINE!i THINK SHE’S THE EXTRA STUDENT. O.O

  • Another said:

    It can’t be akazawa at the end misaki mei rushed up the stairs holding the knife she’s going to kill the dead one. But akazawa was standing on the other side of the stairs, so it wouldn’t give any sense at all that she didnt yell to sasagawa that she’s the dead one or that misaki mei didn’t just rush over to akazawa and killed her.

  • Buzenbazen said:

    Actually I think misaki is going to kill herself since people believe its her who is the dead person, thus stopping the murderings but probably not the calamity

  • XxBunnehWunnehxX said:

    @Another Well yea, but it seemed suspicious. As if there were 2 dead ones. Misaki maybe is the dead one though. Or, what if the dead one is someone mentioned before, but barely shows up? It might be one of the main people though. OR. A teacher?

  • Gianni said:

    It might be someone who just died, and the people who are dying now aren’t part of the calamity, just accidents. It could even be Ms. Mikami.

  • Dam said:

    i think its Misaki. If it was not her she would have already said who it was. She wants to denied it.

  • yarow12 said:

    The opening theme constantly reminds me of a Code Geass R2 ending theme.

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