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  • Moon said:

    stop the calamity!!!

  • YukiSnow said:

    I seriously can’t wait for this last episode! >:3

  • naranjavill said:

    the last episode is going to be posted on my birthday :D

  • *_* said:

    I just can’t wait *__*

  • vvh1t3d3v1l said:

    stop saying last episode becaus i get pissed when the last episode is 12 13 or 14 ep if there is season 2 is ok

  • Another said:

    This is the last episode? – BTW. theres something i dont get.. the 3rd class did once kill the dead one, soo why didnt the calamity stop back then..? i dont get it :P

    – Great anime though.

  • Another said:

    @vvh1t3d3v1l if they follow the novel then this is the end. Read the novel once, it ended here. can’t see why they should make a season 2.

  • Demando said:

    was this the last episode?!

  • aj said:

    This is so much different then the manga version

  • moechan said:

    hmm shortest 24 mins of my life

    there should be a season two nobody said the calamity has stoped XD

  • roy said:

    nah it didn’t end becouse death is close in that class couse if it would have stoped it would have been the year before this but it doesn’t its the evil that lurks around that class and it will happen again thought this anime was realy cool and diffrent it should get a second season whit a new class that will try to stop the clamity and in the second season they will find out why it is happening in class 3 and they will stop the deaths around that class would be cool :)

  • Nightpaw said:


    Well they did say the door to death was open because of what happened. So it only ended for them, because one the doors of death open, you can really never close it.

  • Maddoodles said:

    @Another the calamity will only stop for that year, so it will carry on next year.

  • bigcheese said:

    well… that wrapped things up quite nicely! :3

  • hatem said:

    i just want to know !! did this episode it the last??????? or there is others?? :)

  • ExposedNinja said:

    “So you’ll have no regrets.” Kill or be killed by the calamity. Great ending. Too bad Akazawa died though…isn’t there an unspoken rule that the hottest characters aren’t supposed to die?! *Inori from Guilty Crown dies* DAFUQ. *Izumi Akazawa dies* DOUBLE DAFUQ! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  • Mongolia said:

    thank you this is last episode

  • KeimaKutsuragi'sYoungerSisterWhoFollowsTheExampleOfGirlsInHisGames said:

    Why did my favorite have to be the bad one >..< was a good anime :)

  • Dude said:

    Naa, there won’t be another series just yet because this was based on a Japanese novel. Though there are talks of two things, Another 0th which is about events before the calamity (I think) and Another 2 which is something I don#t know anything about.

  • Pera said:

    This mad eme cry, gasp, laugh, and fangirl squee. I love this anime so much.

  • Isaac said:

    This was an entertaining show, but every aspect of it was stupid once the details came out…

    Mikami knew all along who the dead person was, and instead decided to let half the class die. Stupid and senseless. How could he still be friends with her knowing what she let happen?

  • Peter said:

    Hmm, I really wish there was more it was very entertaining for me. Too bad Izumi Akazawa had to die she was one of my favorite characters. :(

  • anime horror:) said:

    I’m hardcore horror fan and… it made me pee my pants…
    I like it:) I wish it was longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pissed off!! said:

    HOW THE HELL? ANYONE ELSE PISSED OFF AT THIS RESULT? if misaki knew the extra was reiko, she could have saved EVERYONE. NO ONE HAD TO DIE. even when they had the tape, tell the red head, kill her off, take pic as proof, no memory, and bam, NO ONE HAD TO DIE IN FIRE PITS OF DINING HALL ETC. IM ACTUALY REALLY PISSED OFF AT THIS ANIME

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