Ao no Exorcist Episode 15

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  • blackbloodanime said:

    1st but apart from dat crap fricking epic ep that was and if rins power increase that much from a crack on the sword imagine what would happen if the sword split in 2 or more and i think some people are forgetting that rins power is sealed by the sword so i the sword breaks then his supposed full power will be unleashed cant wait for that

  • Bonta-kun said:

    Awesome!!! —It’S the best ever! i have goose pimples !! :D i want to see more!!

  • McCarmine said:

    sweat! :)

  • XXader said:

    pro tec pro tec pro tec XD hahahaha omggg epic fail XD

  • Sekomi said:

    the fight is just so amazing xD

    The best was the music in the brackground while they where fighting!!
    NEEEEED it!!!

    nice, simply nice!

  • BIGFan said:


  • BIGFan said:

    That episode was crazy! I feel my heart going a hundred miles an hour by the time it ended.

  • Scientology said:

    Sick episode<3

  • 2scu said:


  • MyPockii said:

    One of my favorite animes<3

  • Jungsion said:

    dangit i hate when it gets soo good like that then poof ends

  • Ahoge said:

    Gintama commercial?

  • Lena said:

    OH. MY. GOSH. I can’t wait till the next episode!!!!

  • crazy one said:

    from what I can see of the new episodes, they started the anime way to soon, and are having to use filler that seams slightly important, but never appeared in the manga.

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