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  • amin said:

    nice i hope i see it soon

  • Nick said:

    Whaaaaat? This is a super tease. FT movie is up but not subbed and then This?! I cant take it.

  • Xhanort7 said:


  • Big D Johnny said:

    Was i the only one who saw the movie picture thingie, and thought that the FT movie had been subbed. So I instinctively clicked the link, and it only turned out to be a preview for a different movie?

  • Shade said:

    Nope, since everyone can read I think we consciously clicked to watch the preview..
    Looking forward to this, since the Anime ended so abrupt, I’m happy to see more of Rin & Yukio. :)

  • Nana said:

    When’s it coming out!!!!!!! I didn’t see when it was coming out.

  • DeathBooster said:

    wtf man 12/28/2013?! that far far far man </3

  • agion said:

    I think 12.28 is the date it came out in the theaters in Japan. We just need to wait for the dvd release b4 we get to see it. Prob in 4-6months.

  • anda said:

    I need to wait almost an year for this:(anyway i hope it is gonna close the series because it ended so suddenly.

  • MergingWhispeR said:

    I’m Pumped up for This Movie (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  • Lithae said:

    Other websites are saying summer 2013 is when we will get subs, since we have to wait for the dvd release. Unless anyone knows of any bootleg subbed versions? Might not be pretty but it’s something.

  • 41k said:

    No sub yet:(
    cant wait for it to come out

  • McChicken said:

    If you ppl new japanese you can watch this with no problem like i can hehe…

  • Crazy22312 said:

    Went to U.S Premiere at AX it should be in theaters in august but it’ll be dubbed there

  • Spell Check...ASS said:

    KNEW not new….

  • dikpikhans said:

    its out!!!!! awesome. I love it!!!! Amazing. Fantastic

  • Asuma465 said:

    Subs arent perfect I recommend just waiting for someone else to sub as well

  • Sparky said:

    To be honest the translations are very bad.
    Seems like the person doing them did not no English at all…

  • ForceTechno said:

    Just watched it now.
    The whole sub sounds really odd.
    Like some not native english speaker would write it (like me)
    but much much worse. Can someone clarify me why it so odd?

  • Sven said:

    ForceTechno, I was thinking the same thing. It was probably someone who was still learning english

  • Phobik said:

    Tried to watch this but the subs were terrible, thanks for the effort but I’ll be waiting on a better sub

  • ~N~ said:

    it’s ok even the subs are not good
    I used my common sense to understand it
    thank you who made that subs

    and BTW what a beautiful movie
    I love it

  • Rail-kun said:

    Troll subbed, just wait for a good one.

  • Zeal said:

    lol the sub was bad but the movie was ok

  • brave kaiser said:

    good job super sentai fans if you noticed the gokai silver mask at 58:06

  • wut said:

    I think they uploaded another version with better subs.
    Anyways, tbh, i hated that ending.

  • ailiyaliya said:

    im not gud at keeping up with the voice actors but i did always luve the voice actress who plays shura

  • zero said:

    i think i saw letter bee manga at 88:38,

    this was an awsome movie,

    though i wish they made a movie or second season to cover what happens in genhana

  • Bozz said:

    i thought the movie would contain much more action >.<. but it was a good movie anyway

  • Julie said:

    LETTER BEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kise kirigaya said:

    i love this anime can’t get satisfied of the endding of this

  • Melody said:

    USAMAROOO!!!!!!! (/□\*)・゜

  • Aeolus said:

    Great, Crying now.

  • su-chan said:

    awesome movie ……. <3
    5/5 for this one hehe

  • YuzuYuzu said:

    one of my favorite anime movies!!! >.< Such a touching story! :D

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