Aquarion Evol Episode 8

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  • aaaasoko said:


  • chaos said:

    (spoiler dont read if u dont want to know lol)

    they played a song from season one during the battle that was awesome!!!

  • Xirx said:

    LOL… Words can’t explain this episode

  • Weird said:

    It’s soo weird no guard attack is rock paper scissors !!!! :D

  • McCarmine said:

    LOve TRiangle! sweet

  • Chris said:

    From my perspective, it seems that the alien guys want to kidnap a girl and have a planet full of guys rape her to repopulate their planet. Do they know that a baby takes 10 months of pregnancy? >.>

  • kamakiri said:

    funny last att

  • SlashEX said:

    Zessica is too cute =D

  • Sh0w_N_t3lL said:

    ….This anime is getting more and more awkward lol

  • karen said:

    that was so funny
    i love how they make orgasm sounds
    and say suggestive things
    i laughed so hard

  • Phoenix said:

    i see so nudity empowers you on this planet!

  • chintaesa said:

    Awesome, Zessica loves amata :D

  • Primus said:

    Wassup guys. There this other soundtrack on episode 8 when Jin is anounced as the last born son of altair. It sort of sounded like a gregorian chant. If anybody has found the trackname and a reliable website to find its mp3, please tell me!

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