Avatar: The Legend of Korra Episode 2

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  • Sommion said:

    omg……the 2 too?! how much leaked episodes they had? XD

  • Julia *-* said:

    man i’m already missing the old gang xD
    i’m helpless and a total sucker for the oldies
    but i guess i ca learn to love this (and also i can’t wait to see aang again ya know Avatar stage)

  • migzman said:

    man gotta love the avatar show..

    kinda miss the old characters they were the best…

    hope you get to see them again thatll be amazing

    also i hope you get to hear about the storys they had after the show ended

  • Julia *-* said:

    *watches the end* DAMN SHE’S QUICK (lovestruck already)
    well since we all knew aang i guess that part of him got transferred to her too xD

  • Kent said:

    Keep leaking them!

  • im soo happppyyyyyy said:

    love legend of korra but where is this series heading 2

  • Danielle said:

    i want to see more i love leaked episodes keep leaking if u can i want to see more of the old group like sokka and suki where are they!! and what happen to ZUKOS MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anime1123 said:

    Aang died 70 years old but technically he was born 100 years earlier so he is “170″ years old lol, and think avatar is over since this season is called “Air” and they already did Water,Earth, and Fire. But I hope its not ending with one season of legend of korra. It be nicer if they did an avatar of every element and showed it.

  • McCarmine said:

    This is awesome! :D

  • avatarfan92 said:

    hahah hilarous

    tenzin: hoestly pama im at my wits end with that girl ive i dont know how to get through to her

    Pama: dear the best thing you can do right now is to give korra some space

    Tenzin: you must prosime me that your teenages years wont be like this

    junora: *lowers book* i will make no such promises

    avatarfan92: buhahaha *everyone looks at her* whispers “sorry”

  • FapMastaWong said:

    This Opening is soooooo awesome and I love this new show I may miss the old gang but Like Aangs son says all good things must come to a end

  • animechick01 said:

    wow, a love interest already with that window scene in the end there? :D

    I really liked this episode too. This show is really funny and although I’ll miss the old gang, I think this one will be ok too. Can’t wait 4 more eps! Keep on leaking!!

  • Omie said:

    Wooo…air bending is BaGuaZhang kung fu!


  • WBa said:


    When’s the next episode comming?
    I want more of the Fire Bending Ferrets!!!

  • garm said:

    danielle, Sokka is dead Katara said so when she said her goodbyes to korra.

  • AvatarFan #1 said:

    Ahaha you’d call this modern time!? XD May I see you can just call this ‘pre-modern’ time instead; if you know what I mean.

  • ZukoLover88 said:

    Oh my goodness, that bender from the Fire bending Ferrets is attractive! <3 :O Not Bo – Lin, but.. what's his name? I've only heard it like 4908 times. I think it's Mako or something. But he's very attractive and reminds me of Zuko a lot. c: I wonder how Zuko fared.. and I bet he's dead. :C lol awww, that's a depressing thought. I also thought that these two would be like, Zuko's sons or grandsons because they look like they could be it.

  • teamavatar said:

    Nice job!keep it up..

  • Saelre said:

    I hope that the whole series doesn’t revolve around this weird sport. It’s kind of annoying. But Korra said she “kinda permanently” joined the whatever ferrets, so I doubt that’s the last we’ll be seeing of the game. It kind of reminds me of the games where Toph’s introduced in Season 2 of The Last Airbender, The Blind Bandit.
    But there’s already a love interest!! <3 That kinda makes me happy.
    I hope the series doesn't end after one season. I don't think it will, though, because of the way they introduced the antagonist, that guy in the mask (can't remember his name). Hopefully, this'll be at least 3 seasons, like the first one.

  • Leadfarmer5 said:

    Pretty cool but SOOO predictable. You had to know she was gonna fill in after the third guy got yelled at, and it was obvious she would learn to “flow” from dodging attacks. All in all its still awesome and can’t wait u til she learns to metal bend

  • Landaro said:

    As far as I have figured out there will be two seasons. I think it’s great, that The Legend of Korra will be more mature but still have fun and adventure like Avatar: the Last Airbender.
    I really like the fact that Korra already knows 3 of the elements, let’s get right to the drama and fighting!

  • DeathHails said:

    I like it, I can’t wait for when it’s actually released.

    Also, who else, when they saw Makao, thought, “IT’S ZUKO’S GRANDSON!” No? Just me? Huh… I don’t know what it is… I think it’s the eyebrows and the personality. XD Korra is still a fav character though. ^^

  • aki_Chii said:

    Man! my dreams of seeing toph again isss soooo ruined!!! and I really hate her daughter!!!!! well I’m hoping for more bombastic of this series :D

  • Avatar King said:

    Why didn’t she blood bend all of them? Game over instantly :P

  • garm said:

    Avatar King you fail to consider 3 things; 1) there must be a full moon 2) Katara most likly NEVER tought ANYONE how to blood bend 3) even if Korra could blood bend it’s most likly banned

  • Jeff said:

    Just so you guys know, these episodes weren’t leaked. Both episode 1 & 2 were put on itunes for free on march 24-25.

  • Thisisnotleaked said:

    This is not leaked this is part of the special online preview on nick page… special for march 25 and 26th ONLY

  • Solitude said:

    I swear Mako is Zuko’s grandson or something.

  • Tam-Mae said:

    First off I loved all the names of the characters, they are all so unique. I think this show is quickly going to become one of my and everyone else’s favorite cartoon shows. If you were a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender, then I think that you will have no problem falling in love with this show too. Second, I know a lot of you guys were saying that Mako could possibly be Zukos grandson, which I think just might be true, I hope we’ll find out soon, but did anyone else notice that Makos name is like a combo mash up of Zukos name and Mae’s name?? Mae, Zuko Ma-ko… I think the writers might be giving us clues. Thats very sneaky of them. :-)

  • avatarfan2345 said:


  • butterflycrossing said:

    Wow. I am seeing everyone from the old series in the new one. Mako=Zuko, Korra=So many people! Bolin=Sokka

  • CroSakura said:

    Am I the only one that hopes that Korra and the eldest brother hook up?!

  • Pissy person said:

    Where are the freaking subtitles!?

  • Stompaliot said:

    Oh my goodness that Milo kid is a classic! How he fell asleep during meditation!

  • fotubank said:

    really nice, Thank you very much for sharing

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