Avatar: The Legend of Korra Season 2 Episode 5

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  • Martin said:

    Know all the four elements’ bendig and avatar mode by episode 16… and is still not smart enough to do something by herself nor talk to Aang :|

  • Arya said:

    that was a weird ending

  • vero said:

    i was so excited because I though we were actually going to see Zuko :”’(

  • bustapr said:

    apparently, the writers started hating Korra ever since they found out they had to go another 3 seasons…

  • Jessa said:

    I definitely feel that the writers are making Korra angsty on purpose, and they don’t hate her, although I’m really annoyed with her atm. She’s totally unlike Aang, who for a 12 year old kid was able to make incredibly wise decisions, whereas Korra is practically instigating a war.
    Except she’s not. Remember this season is about the spirits, the origins of the Avatar and of course Korra’s spirituality. She’s still trying to deal with the fact that she was controlled ever since she was a little kid, even though all she needed and wanted as the Avatar is her freedom. Unlike Aang she was raised in such a small environment and never got a chance to see the world and what it is really like. Remember when she was so surprised to find the homeless man living in the bush? She’s still sheltered and trying to gain her own independence. As well, she’s wrapped up into this huge conflict that directly affects her, since it’s not only a fight between her own tribe, but her own family. She’s so spiritually unbalanced that it’s gotten to the point where she’s pushed her family away and even Mako away now. And then a giant spirit monster eats her.

    Basically, the writers were working up to this point, to this episode. Now the real season begins where Korra must find her own spiritual meaning as the Avatar and bring balance to herself. We don’t keep seeing Tenzin for nothing you know :P

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