Bakuman 3 Episode 20

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  • Nephtis said:

    amazing. ashirogi

  • SettonSan said:

    Well from my opinion i didn’t they they could do it, but i think they can! i think theyll try and push the envulope and try and end bakuman within the next 5 episodes. because from the manga’s standpoint they are within 20-25 chapters of the end of the series. i hoped they wouldn’t have done this but i think they’ll do a good job and inish this show by putting awe’d faces on all its viewers!

    They did their best and now its time to slowly drop the curtain… thankyou everyone from the staff and the mangaka himself. It was one amazing ride through the world of a mangaka!

    ~Setton-san from Washington!!!~

  • Gecko69Mars said:


    Yea, I’ve been thinking along those lines ever since they started on Reversi that Bakuman would not have a fourth season. Even though its sad that it has ended I’m really looking forward to the best duo authors to make another brilliant manga/anime in the future. First Death Note a horror, mystery, psychological manga. Then a comedy, romance, slice of life….I am very excited to what sensei’s Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata will do next. XD

  • jungsion said:

    first off setton dont do that it make u sound like ur at some old guys birthday “you had a great life now time for u to start dying”
    Bak 3 has about 5 episodes left and even though the end is near its still to early to start comments as if it is already over ^^

  • Shade said:

    Since it was way before the 3rd Season started, said, that it’s the final season, there is no reason to complain now. Cause everyone would know the end is near. And this is a story that just would get worse if it lasts another season, though.
    Till this point it’s amazing, and thats where it should find its climax.

  • Tentensaidso said:

    Pause at 0:26 and look at their editor! I just can’t stop laughing!!! OMG THE ENDING!!!!!!!!

  • Avrai said:

    ANIMATION COMPANY! FINALY! THEY DESERVE IT! after that long and hard work… FINALY!

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