Black Rock Shooter (TV) Episode 1

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  • reuz said:

    FINALLY!!! this is what I was waiting for

  • BAYLIFE said:

    finally :D

  • Kendil said:

    is this a series? i no that it used to be a movie but did they decide to make it into a series now? if so awsome ^^

  • wintyer said:


  • chaos said:

    took them long enough

  • chaos said:


  • Heot said:


  • Geovonte said:

    Its a bout time. Just awesome.

  • bigcheese said:


  • .Lio. said:

    sadly only 8 episodes and the ending song sounds like a Vocaloid song o_o

  • Va-Ne said:

    That was amazinggg. !!! Cant wait for episode 2… <3.

  • Riley said:

    @.Lio. It is a VOCALOID song? Sung by Hatsune Miku, it’s what truly started the BRS craze. Without the song there would be no anime…

  • zatch754 said:

    is it the same thing as the movie

  • Rex said:

    when’s ep 2 going to be up?

  • Mit said:

    sick fantasy…

  • Nagisa said:

    wahahahaa! been waiting for this for idk how lng! yess! finally here

  • McCarmine said:

    Them that girl can take a hit, is that mitsuwa singing at the end?

  • BlackRockShooterLovr said:

    OMG! i ♥ this

  • BloodyNekoPrince said:

    <3 this anime

  • Alex said:

    Holy shit black can take a punch

  • blood+ said:

    not my type -_-

  • watermelon said:

    it’s miku~~~
    miku is singing the ending~~~

  • ParadoxRiddle said:

    WHOOOOOOOOOO! Miku Hatsune! Good job choosing the ending theme!

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