Brothers Conflict Episode 1

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  • Rokkx said:


  • micky said:

    wow another comment type “amazing” what a poor vocabulary :(

  • rose-chan said:

    KYAA!! Co cool! I’ve always wanted to play the otome game. So I’m glad that there is an anime. Love the character designs and the squirrel is just too cute!! I love the heroine’s hair-style and her personality. Also, this anime is not annoyingly slow-paced. Can’t wait for the subs!!

  • Reinaaaa said:

    To mickey. whats it to u if someone chose to write ‘amazing’ as a comment? First of all, it was rude. Secondly, how do u know if Rokkx has poor vocabulary or not? even if s/he does, i believe u don’t have a problem with it. S/he found it amazing and so commented it, s/he doesn’t need to write anything more. It’s up to him/her.

  • Nekomimi said:

    Whaaa, i really love reverse harems like this. Can’t wait for the next episodes :)

  • BaalZebul said:

    wtf a younger version of mikoto from k O_o

  • kilaa said:

    cute need to watch more episode

  • Demelicos said:

    I get the feeling this is going to have some sim-date feel to it based on the foreshadowing done. There was a time I would watch it, but that isn’t my current state of mind. I’ll pass on this one.

  • kilaa said:

    i hope she won’t get raped she look shy and stupid

  • Heot said:

    I lol’d

  • just a random guy said:

    remembering those names will be a bother… this is going to stress the living shit out of me

  • WHAT said:

    That was a lot of information to take in…

  • RED KING said:

    she a f u c k ing ass hoe

  • Greiver said:

    am i the only one wonder how she understands the squirrel and what not?

  • Random aqua pineapple said:

    Omg I have found my new reverse harem to fangirl over kyaa!!!!

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