Btooom! Episode 12

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  • SSJ3 said:

    this needs to be more than 12!

  • KitsuneXNeko said:

    I guess it will have a movie >.> maybe ….

  • Moar!!! said:

    Yes, of course continue, I WANT SEASON TWO RIGHT NOW! I DEMAND IT!

  • PureOtaku said:

    Love the new OP, but is this the last movie?

  • 4646asdf said:

    shoulda just fked her…

  • Asuma said:

    I’m just speculating here but, if they gave the anime a new opening I think it’s because its going to be longer than 12 episodes, maybe not right away but I think it’ll have a second season. That’s my opinion.

  • xFrost said:

    i cried…

  • Max said:


    season 2, DAT CLIFF HANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Once said:

    i guess there will be a second season…
    or not?

  • TheGlobe said:

    Second season!!!!!

  • BleachFan268 said:

    Man it seems like all of the animes are ending but the was a good finally episode although i hope there is another season (goodbye Btoom)

  • McChicken said:


  • TheGame said:

    The game has only just begun last words you hear at the end…… methinks season 2. or so i hope xD

  • Meneboys said:


  • Telecaster said:

    there should be a second season. they ended it at this episode because the manga ended here. They wouldn’t pay Nano to sing a new song for a single episode the new OP song will probably be the second season of Btooom’s OP. <— Just a theory

  • Rail said:

    Why change the OP of the anime on episode 12… hmmm this must be one reason! Another Season! Yeah!

  • Rokkx said:

    Yeah! We get the 2nd season <3
    besides nice epi :D

  • hmmmmm said:

    There without a doubt will be a second season. This anime got some very well deserved ratings. The manga itself is relatively new as well. I’d say we will get a few months for a break and it will give them time to expand the manga volumes further away from the anime. They did justice on this anime actually following the manga for once.

  • Kuday said:

    @Rail Maybe but maybe not, look panty and stocking ^^

  • soooosaa said:

    لااا انشالله فيه موسمم ثاني < داخله عرضض هعع

  • Shiro Yui said:

    There will be a second season once the manga finishes completely that or they are looking for people to voice for the other characters.

  • SasaviSesirdzija said:

    Well the episode is done in mind with the second season(the technical glitch, the new characters they showed at the end, and so on). So now the only question is when will it be, and also to hope something doesn’t come up and ruin it(like natural disaster, or a company deciding to ditch the show).

  • theHaremKing said:

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWesome i loved the Ending !!!! ryouta is an A-class gentleman , I see myself learning to be Kinder and nicer, to become a better human being from anime then real life! I enjoyed it alot thanks for showing it !!!!!!! ill always cry !!!!!!!!!!

  • zeca said:

    I thing its going to have a second sesson but it
    might take some time because the 12 episodes reached chapter 50 of the manga and the manga currently has 52 chapters

  • anima said:

    Someone give the anime team more credits so this will continue, Hurry!

  • jungsion said:

    was that his father i did not see that coming

  • djordje said:

    Awesome i really hope there will be second season. One of the best animes i watched lately. I watched all 12 episodes in two day. :)

  • taskforce141 said:

    Haha, I knew so many people would love this anime, to me its like the first season of SAO. I knew this would be a great anime :D

    By the way to all the people that are waiting for a season 2, I can’t say for sure there will be a second season, but I do know there will be a movie this winter, so soon I believe.

  • Caramelion said:

    Holy crap. Is that nano singing the op? (the singer’s a girl btw)

  • btooom_fan said:

    There will be more! :D Unless it was cancelled… Because the manga goes beyhond this point in the story! And the manga is so GOOD! xD The series is currently on chapter 52! Everyone should read it :3

  • DTrainbows said:

    OMG. was that his dad at the end?

  • Overthinker said:

    Well this is great…its the anime of the month ‘this month atleast’ and season 2 is nowhere to be seen.. this blows :/

  • Drako said:


  • siondracul said:

    I need more why do good anime stop when its getting even better

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