Btooom! Episode 7

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  • Kuday said:

    U know how to run this shitty player?

  • taskforce141 said:

    @Kuday, if you’re talking about [source 1] then please die.

    Ontopic – This anime is so great I can compare almost compare it to sword art online, ALMOST.

    Yes, I really find it good. It’s one of those animes that could get a lot of episodes, but probably won’t eg : SAO.

    The intro music is just great, I just love to pause it at the beginning, turn up the volume and listen to it probably every time I watch Btooom.

    It’s great I mean there’s a lot of events that make you want to see the next episodes, A lot of things that in Btooom that make me want to see the next episodes are ex :

    - Whats going to happen with that crazy psycho kid, whats he gonna do in the next episodes ?

    - Is that business man that keeps following Sakamoto Just acting like he really likes him and praises him, or is he just waiting for the right moment to collect all the shards *I’ve noticed that that man has been collecting the shards of the dead people* and abandon Sakamoto and the girl ? or is he going to kill them to get the last shards ?

    This questions of mine aren’t the ones you can normally answer or that isn’t really guessable. Unlike example : Is that girl going to get over not liking guys ? *of course she is, she’s probably going to like Sakamoto*

    That is most likely what’s going to happen, but I like this anime because you never know whats going to happen and its not always obvious what’s going to happen like in most animes.

    Random : the knowledge that goes into this series is outstanding!

    Also, let me tell you, I was NOT, absolutely not expecting what happened at the end. hint *pres*

  • Xhanort7 said:

    Spoiler alert:

    LOL at the ending. Pay per view elite underground death match? Like deadman wonderland or something.

  • Kuday said:

    Im talking about videonest @taskforce141 and don’t insult people for free

  • troloro said:

    The fat guy dies later. He goes crazy and kill himself after traying to kille Sakamoto (the most idiot protagonist ever..) and the big boobed girl. The psycho kid keeps killing people from time to time.

    The intro is shit, the characters are shit, the anime is shit, the video player is shit and taskforce141, you and your taste are deep friggin shit.
    Ah, yes, Spoiler alert and all that is said…

  • .Lio. said:

    @taskforce141, she already loved Sakamoto from the start and she lied to him about “havent play much” at the start of the anime she was telling her friend how she met Sakamoto and that she went up high in ranks by just joining his matches. She already had feelings for him, but like any other online player. They don’t want to meet the person they get marry in the virtual world, because for them it seems best that way. There is no commitment and no misstrust and I could name you a list of the reason why that happens a lot.

  • AncientStorm said:

    I wish I haven’t discovered this anime yet until it finished airing. Because waiting for a new episode all WEEK LONG will kill me!

  • Vap said:

    @Kuday. I’ve been wondering the same damn thing. It use to work fine, but now it doesn’t do jack shit

  • Weoweo said:

    @taskforce141 If you actually think SAO is good and even remotely close to this anime in terms of greatness pls do ”die” yourself like you said to the dude above you, ty.

  • taskforce141 said:

    There are a lot of arguments that make no sense here.

    So let me get down with them.

    Why are you still here ? as in episode 7, if you think this anime is that bad ?

    Same thing as Weoweo, i’m going to copy and paste again if you can’t read

    Why are you still here ? as in episode 7, if you think this anime is that bad ?

    @.Lio. She didn’t know that was sakamoto when they first met, and as I was speaking about this episode, she still has a thing against males. But, since she already liked him in the game, she probably will like him in reality as well.

    You miss understood what I said.

    Now @Vap
    Not sure if its just you and Kuday but, the source 1 has always been the best for me, works like a charm, great quality, no complications, and it doesn’t freeze all the time. It’s just simply GREAT.

    Now this is me, as I said, but if you guys are having problems with it, it’s obviously you’re internet connections, cause videos have nothing to do with you’re computer, besides maybe *rarely* you have a’n outdated Flash Player.

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