Code:Breaker Episode 8

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  • Nana said:

    When is it going to be subbed !!!!!!!!!!! >;(

  • Ukko said:

    animeavenue is getting late on uploading eps =/

  • BleachFan268 said:

    Ok when is this going to come out i mean it’s i mean everyone is waiting

  • Something said:

    OMG this episode has been out for over 24 hours and it still hasn’t been subbed >:( why you gotta be so slack animeavenue!!!

  • BleachFan268 said:

    OMG it is now 1:35 am and this episode is still not out what the heck is going on people are still waiting including myself

  • Alex said:

    It’s probably because the people subbing it don’t like it much? I think they’re fans of the manga but not the anime. This time last week the episode had been subbed 14 hours ago…

  • Serj said:

    This is a RAW version,English subbed will be up soon…….soon my ass!!!

  • Ukko said:

    god.. its been a while since the RAW version come out… where is the subbed? ._. i like the episode, but i cant understand most of it…

  • Youngsora said:

    So um…yeaaaa…where’s the sub version at? :s

  • Unsatisfied said:

    Must be hard to listen to words and translate them into another language.

    Unless you’re not fluent in one of those languages. In that case, why are you even bothering?

  • Tiddl3yWinks said:

    OMG it still isnt out yet? wtf u guys (animeavenue members) need to hurry up and sub the episode so me and my bf can watch this show. its been like 3-4 days and still nothing… u guys r so slow

  • dominic said:

    bleeeeh i want to see and read the blue flames

  • WhinyNubs said:

    There its subbed. Do you guys even know how long it takes to sub an anime episode? They have to time it right, make sure it makes sense and everything which takes about 3 hours to sub, stop complaining and get your lazy ass up and learn jap for gods sake jeez sub it yourself if you cant wait.

  • takamaru said:

    uye uye uye time for watch sangkyu for upload this och yea i wan to asuh where novamov link

  • Julie said:

    SUB!!!!!! YAY!!!!

  • Unsatisfied said:

    You said it takes about 3 hours?

    The episode took a lot longer than 3 hours to go up.

  • ball6847 said:

    This anime is getting interesting now, The should consider making a sub sooner.

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