D-Frag! Episode 4

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  • Stellar625 said:

    If there are 14 of them, and they had to break into teams of four each, why were there only two teams and one guy left out? That’s 9 not 14, Wth

  • NegaAnon said:


    The last guy was “injured due to battle” so there were only 13 there. The game is only meant for 4 people to play so they were going to split into 4 teams. There were going to be 3 people on each team.

    Since there were 13 that needed to be split into 4 teams, you could divide 13 by 4 in long division form and get the answer for how many people needed to be on each team.

    4 goes into 13 three times with a remainder of one. So the answer would look like: 3r1. You now have all of the data need to properly form as many equal teams as possible. You could check your answer by multiplying both the number of teams(4), with the number of people people who should be on a team(3), and then add the remainder(1).

    The progression goes as follows: 3, 6, 9, 12, with a remainder of 1[since there are only 13 because the 14th guy was WIA (wounded in action)].

    >inb4 you can’t math
    >inb4 “What is long division”

    This is elementary my dear Stellar. Literally…

  • MancheeHows said:

    @stellar625 It was stated there’s only currently 9 of them there, you know.

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