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  • tato010000 said:

    hope this anime turn out good been waiting to watch it

  • DramaLlama said:

    I wouldn’t “hope” for it.

  • mecoke0 said:

    it’s ecchi anime modafuka ..fukin love dat type of anime >:D

  • the pokemologist said:

    I love the novel for this so I just cant wait

  • Velthari said:

    looks like black rock shooter but about dating

  • Anon said:

    Seems like a rip-off from “The world only god knows” by the description of it.. only with more action.. and by action i mean ghost fighting.

  • Rokkx said:

    Amazing :D

  • Julie said:

    Won’t watch it… But WILL get the opening!

  • puddingboss said:

    woooo hope hope hope

  • molly said:

    its not a rip off its own series well cause its from a light novel then manga

  • molly said:

    not rip off

  • Vel said:

    This needs to be subbed quick. I want to see how good it is.

  • 名無しな極抜きさん said:

    Amazing! ^^

  • Saeko Himiko said:

    subs why must you take so long

  • derp said:


  • Avrai said:

    lol, he wasnt as surprised as he should be, boring… i hope they’ll show more next week

  • Vel said:

    Damn SD, this needs to be HD. There’s too many squares all over my screen,they need to upload a HD video soon.

  • TaskForce141 said:

    Not again… these types of animes just keep coming out every season or 2…

    Well back to re-watching the whole dragon ball z series o_o, currently at episode 30 hehe, where Freeza will soon appear.

  • TaskForce141 said:

    forgot to add *nothing original*

  • TaskForce141 said:

    Oh and let met tell you whats going to happen.

    Hes going to build up a harem with a few girls, that girl that he met that creates those huge explosions is going to be part of his harem,

    there’s going to be 1 girl that is always going to be like, making sure he doesn’t do any ecchi things, even though this is a ecchi anime.

    And at the end, guess what ? NO HES NOT GOING TO END UP WITH ANY GIRL.

    Typical Harem anime right here.

    Only reasons why animes previous animes like SAO and BTOOOM! get so much views is because there original and there’s actual stories to them.

    Getting tired of these types of animes, which technically come out every season. (Only reason I keep watching them is because I already watched all the good animes, or still am.)

  • hmmmmm said:

    The sad part is this could have been an interesting story had it not been the typical harem setup. The ending when she said what happened about her parents for instance and that look she gave. Now that is a story that could get knee deep in hate and scorn. Still, I doubt it would play out like that considering the quick based harem story type….meh.

  • Nyanko said:

    Another one of these huh…… Pass…

  • Kinaro said:

    I dunno about you guys but I would be pretty pissed off if the sister I knew my entire life was a lie >,>

  • DramaLlama said:

    I’m surprised by this show.
    The mood, presentation and the orchestral scores are top notch.
    The characters are interesting, tolerable and balanced in terms of sex and age.

    The main character is strong and assertive.

    It’s more than enough for me to watch.

    Yes! I had very low expectations for this…
    It’s not great! But give it a shot!

  • MergingWhispeR said:

    Cant wait for the next episode!! Ecchi anime FINALLY !

  • Demelicos said:

    Watched most of it (18:53), lost interest in the story line, would have stayed till the end, but the subtitles got on my nerves.

  • Elsa said:

    What the hell was this?!
    ….thoroughly disappointed

  • nico said:

    Keep your depressing comments to yourself

  • King Max said:

    Still no HD, yet I dcided to watch it…already lost interest after th “Wake up” scene…

    You belive SAO has original story?
    M-m…at least check .HACK//, thus making SAO not a rip-off, but a rather typical show yet again…

  • Buzenbazen said:

    Both SAO and Btoom!! had unoriginal stories really, btoom was enjoyable though SAO was overrated anime for the mindless folks who likes bleach naruto one piece etc. Story wasn’t exactly it’s strong side and romance that develops in 3 episodes loolol

  • bakonz said:

    hahah love these kind of animes good to kick back and lol ima love this one xD

  • Poppy said:


  • $u$pect said:

    whoever did the subtitles needs to just stop seriously

  • Alphaji said:

    At 11:18, what is that background song? Its sooo beautiful :3

  • dothatotoro said:

    why did i think the guy in the beginning with the suitcase had huge legs

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