Date A Live Episode 12

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  • Takumi said:

    i cant believe this is the last episode

  • Takumi said:

    There will be an OVA after this one

  • Maqui said:

    Season 2 is going to be good. Yay!!!

  • Shiro Yui said:

    Highly doubt there will be a season 2 since mangaka ended it abruptly.

  • Aznsteel said:

    @Shiro Yui
    Date a Live is base off a Light Novel. I cant wait for Season 2.

  • Fa113nShad0wz said:

    dat ending

  • Dante said:

    Unless this is one of animes in the spring season to continue on to the summer. It could be the case of a continuous episodes od this anime. They still haven’t finish one of the girls route.

  • clawboyz said:

    lol the last part is so funny

  • erick said:

    Episode 13 or the OVA can already be guessed what will happen. A pure fanservice episode.
    Yoshinon did say “To be continued”, so the possibility is quite high that there will be a season 2, but Yoshino did say “sometime” so it might not happen so soon.
    If I remember correctly there are at least 3-5 more spirits/humans that Shido hasn’t met yet who will be part of the harem, a conclusion to Kurumi’s, Mana’s, and Origami’s story, and some explanations to the foreshadowing that they did in this season that weren’t answered yet (like why Shido’s and Kotori’s memory was erased, the mysterious black figure 5 years ago, why Shido can seal spirit powers, the memories of the members of the harem, the higher ups in both Origami’s organization and Kotori’s, and many more), and some backstory to the other sub-characters.

  • nathaniel said:

    i think there is going to be an OAV and then the seconded season of Date a Live because Kurumi is still no saved plus there’re other girls but what i think is there are waiting for the light novel to be finished first but i still cant wait till the next season comes out

  • Chico said:

    Dem blocks from Yoshinon

  • Polygons said:

    It would be at least another year if they decided to do a second season. Volume 7 came out last March, and the anime did Volumes 1-4, so I’d assume they would need to wait until Volume 8 came out to greenlight it.

  • Dante said:

    that reach to my statement that this anime might be one of the few that will continue during the summer season. it a 50/50 chance to occur but hey we like to take those chances to pray for it to happen.

  • zero said:

    yosino at the end lol, anyways looking foward to season two

  • Nazurdin said:

    I heard rumors that season 2 will air during autumn season :D

  • VoltronBurger said:

    origami’s suit was an IS unit on steroids

    on another note, Tohka is adorable

  • Aznsteel said:

    Well its been confirmed that Season 2 will be airing soon.

  • Danica said:

    I know there a episode 13

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