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  • Sahashi said:


  • MIkezal said:

    people have so little to say about an anime (this is such a shame) really people AMAZING is all you can say 4 me this episod was damn epik i laught the shet out of me the graphics were nicely done and now that shido bastard can finnaly starts to form his own harem

  • erod923 said:

    ok so lately since thursday my computer is not playing videos and i have to wait a long time for the videos to load/buffer all the way so i can watch it anyone know whats goin on or what to do to fix it?

  • Makoolit said:

    Is it just me or is the characters too similar to other animes.
    Tohka, Origami, Shido look like Houki, Laura, and Ichika from IS: Infinite Stratos.
    Kotori looks like Aria from Hidan no Aria.
    Murasame looks like the Vocaloid; Haku.
    The ending is too similar to the Infinite Stratos ending.
    Tohka’s cute obsession with bread is like Ren’s obsession with melon bread in DearS.
    The big stuffed toy of bread, seems like a reference to CC’s stuffed toy of the Pizza Hut mascot in Code Geass.
    (The 2 other characters in the opening)
    Tokisaki looks like Kobato from Haganai.
    Yoshino And Yoshinon, the rabbit stuffed toy (Yoshino’s otehr personality), is just like Mayuchi and Matsukaze in Majikoi.

  • Anthony said:

    want it sub

  • Synystr said:

    @ Makoolit ”Tohka, Origami, Shido look like Houki, Laura, and Ichika from IS: Infinite Stratos” it’s just you

  • Synystr said:

    @Makoolit it’s just you

  • Mikey said:

    When is this going to be subbed?

  • wolfkid12 said:


  • james said:

    This anime seems to take the longest time for subbing!!!. It’s like the bleach series all over again.

  • TheGlobe said:

    I will not be impressed if the next episode is released before this is subbed

  • TheGlobe said:

    I will not be impressed if the next episode is released beofore this is subbed

  • xStorme said:

    @TheGlobe LOL i was literally about to comment the same thing

  • qwerty said:

    think i better start learning japanese at the pace of this subbing

  • AlphaBlob said:

    How much longer can this take… I’m seriously thinking the subbers just forgot about this anime.

  • hellfiredragon9 said:

    To the people complaining about the sub speed for this show, I looked up who’s subbing it, and the status. They are as follows:

    FFFansubs: Editor has serious personal issues, should be out in a day or so

    Hadena: These guys are trolls to begin with, but they’re an episode behind due to mass trolling by their editors

    Doki: Lack of editors and QCers, plus these guys aren’t speed subbers, usually release a week or 2 later.

    Anime-Koi – Not speedsubbers, released episode 2 today, 3 in another week (though ironically, they used a picture from Episode 3 as the Episode 2 eyecatch pic on their site).

  • ramdonezer said:

    he doesnt derserve the harem he just derserves her expecially after seeing her naked body

  • rodgamer said:

    Y U NO SUB!!!!!!!?????

  • DaisukiNanoni said:

    why take so long for the english sub? -_-

  • biggybazooka said:

    it is a bit ridiculous how long the sub is taking

  • Magnetically said:

    why you no sub this anime ;-;

  • wolfkid12 said:


  • Heot said:

    This anime fully makes sense.

  • Deimon said:

    Worth waiting :) thanks subbers ^^

  • tato010000 said:

    the ending reminded me of Infinite Stratos

  • abcd said:

    i think i’ll wait a little longer for a higher quality video and better subs

  • bbc dinosaur said:

    finally it has been subbed oh well its worth waiting

  • Mnc said:

    wow it’s just episode 3 and the protagonist is already dying

  • rodgamer said:

    i cant think of anything creative to say so i’m just gonna say this


  • Rail-kun said:

    Save points! LOL! Keima taught him well.

  • Avrai said:

    @Rail-kun yes!, master Keima is with us! it seems like he had disciple

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