Date A Live Episode 9

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  • movie4fun said:

    Better subbed version is up ^0^.

  • Bob said:


  • Alex said:

    Bob no spoilers

  • Kaito said:

    Can’t wait to see the episode I’m really curious.

  • adymashiro said:

    The best …. can not wait to wait for the next episode

  • Takumi said:

    great its here

  • Stary said:


  • Rail-kun said:

    Wow! Kotori was a spirit too, well that’s not surprising, I mean this is the exact same expression that she’s revealed being a commander ;)

  • UltimaSlayer said:


  • Zarozian said:

    Oh look. It’s Shakugan No Shana’s grand daughter. I’m willing to bet that the space quake she caused while arriving killed Shidou and Mana’s parents.

  • Amin said:

    aww very bad subbing

    i guess have to w8 little longer

  • Ryo said:

    subs are really awful, just dont do it if you cant, this is worse than having no subs :/

  • Peweshtry said:

    Already knew she was a spirit :/ Don’t read the wikipedia of the anime…

  • just a random guy said:

    dafuq did i just see

  • Itsme said:

    ^the beginning of an epic battle that’s what you saw

  • john said:

    the subtitle in this episode is bad
    for example “Tohka… Im not bring much money”

  • john said:

    damn, the better sub version just came out. if only ive waited

  • DateALive said:

    Damn, i was expecting there were a kissing scene, because when shidou kissed Tohka ( well, she’s a spirit ), she’ve lost her powers or idk, even the other spirit ( forgot her name ) xD, and yeah. Now where is it?! D:

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