Digimon Xros Wars Episode 78

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  • War God Seal said:


  • TheHell? said:

    Is that girl next to tokato and guilmon the one of the twins from tamers?
    Impmons partner*

    Sorry it may be a dumb question, but I haven’t been watching this, I just started watching it to see the old characters come back. :D

  • Tomstone said:

    @TheHell?: I think you are referring to the Leader from Digimon Frontier. At least he was the one besides Takato and Guilmon, cant remember his name though.

    The Evolutions where pure awesomeness. We never really saw how the Digivolutions look to someone there. (In the beginning it was always just happening inside a DigiEgg)

    I really hope Izzy is going to be in the last Episode. My wish about Akari and Zenjirou finally got fulfilled and its funny how it was very predictable what Digimon they would get. :P

  • danmaster99 said:

    @TheHell? and Tomstone: I think you mean Takuya Kanbara, the leader in the Digimon Frontier arc.

    His form of Digivolution is known as “Spirit Evolution”, spirit reffering to the statue that contain the data of the ancient warrior he’s fusing with. In his case, it’s the warrior of flame, AncientGreymon. The one he evolved with is known as Aldamon.

    Also, when his friends came along, they fused together to form Susanoomon, since they have all 20 spirits, the 10 human spirit forms and their beast counterparts.

  • TheHell? said:

    I meant Beelzemons partner… It doesn’t matter now, thanks anyway.

  • Blademon said:

    One question after myosimon’s digivolved form hit shoutmon dx omegashoutmon and zekegreymon went back to their normal not digivolved self but after some time omegashoutmon was on the screen when Taiki did not do a super digivolve weird

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