Fairy Tail Episode 112

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  • Kiryu said:


  • boygee2025 said:

    oh men! cant wait

  • Avrai said:

    You wont find anything better than that anime… Its THE BEST!!

  • tim dragneel said:

    I read the manga already but i just like to watch it

  • chaos said:

    blarg waiting lol

  • GanFall said:

    @avrai have you seen one piece its kind of better

  • GanFall said:


  • Animefreak-what.else?XD said:

    Emm…how long are they going to let us wait now? For both the Manga and the anime…is it because of New Year? Ugh…

  • Hapsu heartbuster said:

    @GanFall i just watched an episode of one piece and it’s no where near as good as fairy tail. just saying in my opinion. but i think it was a bit predictable when they randomly start talking about his rare blood type… fairy tail is anything but predictable, best anime EVER!! can’t wait for this episode!!

  • epicface said:

    lol hapsu then u didn’t watch all the episodes>.> later it’s get way better and better and better AND BETTER did i already say better?

  • WonkaTon said:

    One Piece is way better than Fairy Tail – but at the end of the day, both are good.

  • Natsu-Lucy said:

    Cant Really really Really really Really really WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MatiasNicolas said:

    Please don’t compare such sh”t full of filling as onepiece / naruto / bleach , with fairy tail , there’s whole seasons of f”·$%/! filling on those animes , so don’t come me with sh”t like One piece is better than Fairy Tail bunch of noobsters , how much anime series have you watched ? Naruto and One piece ? like .. seriously . _ . , c’mon bro wdf , anywayz …

  • Vongola_X said:

    Fairy tail, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece are all good but understand: this anime has just started one piece has around 530 episodes ongoing and the firts 250 were boring until he got gear 2 but fairy tail was good since it began and is going to keep getting better

  • pizzaMAAANNN127 said:

    dude i say that fairy tail, one piece, naruto, and bleach, are amazing but even though its short and not my favorite because it’s a short anime show, i have to with the blue exorist.

  • pizzaMAAANNN127 said:

    oh and mantisnicolas u are a pretty funny hater

  • pizzaMAAANNN127 said:

    oopps spelled matis wrong srry

  • Vongola_X said:

    but still if you read the fairy tail manga you will know that it is only going to keep better

  • pizzaMAAANNN127 said:

    yeah your right

  • GuesS ? said:


  • Ehjhay01 said:

    is bluenote related to ichiya from blue pegasus…coz they both look like cats…>____<

  • Jack Dragneel Dragon Slayer said:

    Fairy Tail ROCKS

  • no-idea♥ said:

    New Opening?? Awesome! But it kinda spoils everything that’s gonna happen…
    Still, awesome episode, go Cana! FT rocks ;D AWW~ and the ending is so cute <333

  • fairy-tale-love said:

    i like this chapter in the manga it tells you more about cana and why she is there :)

  • mww said:

    one piece is just overrated…fairy tail is the real shit !!! cant wait for the next episode !!!!! >.<

  • kie66 said:

    love this anime, but about filler, so far this has been close to filler free, however the anime is fast approaching the current manga position, for the series to follow the manga it will require some filler to widen the gap so we may have to prepare for that to happen, we’ll just have to wait and see :)

  • monkey said:

    like how nobody comments the episode, but are complanyng about others comments insted… wow i did not see that comming with gildarts and cana being fammily O-o

  • luigi said:

    This is just the best anime that ever existed…

  • Allie XD said:

    Cant wait to c wut happens next… XD

  • Lucy said:

    (*spoiler*) Feel bad for Cana! Gildarts thinks of Natsu as more of a son he would me so shocked to find out the truth!

  • Gildarts said:

    Cana…..SHE’S DADDY’S LITTLE GIRL!! HANDS OFF!!!!!!!!! xD

  • Cody said:

    Gildart is so awsome

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