Fairy Tail Episode 121

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  • lol said:

    im fired up 4 da nxt episode i wish we gt som hour specials 4 the main show and not ova :( dont want to wait a wk saturday to saturday seems longer than naruto and bleach

  • DXD2012 said:

    cant wait!!!

  • lol said:

    Guess wat I just found out by accident…. The Black Mage Zeref is actually Natsu’s father sorry for spoiler and wen i saw this my jaw dropped I was shocked wtf man i was just lookin for an image of zeref and bam i see some text on google with tht info so shockin tht he is actually his pops

  • Soap on a Rope said:

    No he’s not, you dumbass. The manga hasn’t said anything about that, and Hiro Mashima doesn’t give away spoilers. You shouldn’t believe everything you read. Btw, this episode is going to be interesting, can’t wait to see how they animate it [:

  • DeathAwaits said:

    Can’t believe the ep is not out yet on Animeavenue. It’s out on alot of other sites. Wanted to see the comments on the episode :(

  • :P said:

    isnt natsus dad igneel and im pretty sure they alredy showed igneel >_>

  • Gin said:

    Dark aura.. Mentioned Natsu numerous times.. Acnologia being a dragon.. You think Zeref is the Dark Dragon Slayer or something? And Acnologia is the Darkness Dragon? And because he’s been so for 400 years, he probably knows where it went? Or how to summon it? I think that makes sense.. If I’m wrong please tell.

  • med said:

    stupid dust in my eyes :’(
    fairy tail is the best

  • DargolSlayerWather said:

    U gota love the guild master XD

  • Arcune said:

    But remember Natsu is over 100 years old… He couldn’t get through Fried’s rune barrier if I recall.

  • FullSoulFairyChara said:

    this is to Gin and Arcune: I also think that Zeref is like a Dark Dragonslayer. That is what I thought when the chapter came out in the manga. Natsu is not 100 years old. He is only 18.
    Spoiler Alert(dont read on unless you read the manga)
    I reeeeeally wanted to see Natsu after 7 years in that bubble thing that Mavis put up. I wanted to see how he would look…

  • Butt. said:

    @Arcune –

    I think it was 80 xP

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