Fairy Tail Episode 168

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  • kithime said:

    I can’t wait for this episode. Been reading the manga. Alexei is going down. :D

  • Rokkx said:

    laxus beats them up <3
    btw amazing

  • yu-gi-master said:

    I have read the manga to, just stop spoiling stuff ok?

  • AnimeFan said:

    Can’t wait xD
    and btw you shoul stop spoiling, in consideration to the people that don’t read the manga.

  • Alejandro said:

    Meh lerned a lesson to not read comments before actually watching the episode. Cant wait!

  • Dana said:

    Buki’o komokomoa.
    A Fapea ua uma ga faikau aikae laia kuikui le komo ae aua le famakala lou oga ufa
    Ai le UFFFF

  • Big D Johnny said:

    This is starting to make me mad. They’re putting so much filler into each episode then cutting the episode when thing are actually starting to get good. NOw I’m going to have to wait ANOTHER week to watch Laxus kick ass, when i thought that it would be aired in this weeks episode. This episode was a disappointment -.-

  • kalin said:

    I’m really starting to hate raven tail. If natsu join in the fight he’ll use lightning flame Dragon mode and kick all of their asses.

  • BleachFan268 said:

    This was a good episode can’t wait until next week

  • Kinaro said:

    Make heads roll Laxus!!

  • rodgamer said:

    wait, something just occurred to me. if sabertooth was trippin balls when they saw natsu fight, what r they gonna do if they see laxus fight? o.O

  • ratkiller884 said:

    Big D John the manga is only like 8 weeks ahead so they have to put fillers/ draw out each chapter to allow the manga to stay ahead :P

  • sdrfk021 said:

    Although they are putting a lot of fillers between chapter, i like it… and i think is alright since, if they didn’t, it would catch up with the manga way too fast

  • Avrai said:

    pff im still shaking of excitment, and now i have to wait next 7 days? you kiddin me… SCREW THIS lets read manga

  • Riley said:

    has anyone other than me ever wondered why Nastu doesn’t use his god slayer mode? im pretty sure if he was able to use lightning flame god dragon mode he’d annihilate any opposition he had with no problem.

  • seizbenn said:

    @ Kithime and Rokkx what a bunch of nubs thank you for spoiling it for me as a long time comer i recommend they be banned for that that is just ridiculous!!!!

  • ILoveErza said:

    Just imagine if Guildarts was competing.
    Fairy Tail would crush everyone. lol

  • angryguy said:

    hope all the people who think they have to spoiler die in a pretty painful way

  • Anna said:

    True I would love to see Gildarts Creush Raven Tail and Saber toth who spiol the name of Saber toothed animals every where DIE SABER THOOTH DIE BY THE HANDS OF GRAY, NATSU, ERZA, LAXUS, WENDY< GELEEL, AND GILDARTS

  • kimlizzy said:

    Im kinda feel disapointed towards Laxus but as a fan of Fairy tail we can never give to any of Fairy tail members

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