Fairy Tail Episode 172

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  • Rokkx said:


  • fan tastik said:

    Just re-stating that Fairy Tail is supposed to end on March 30th, episode 175, if you didn’t already know.

  • ILoveErza said:

    The anime IS NOT ENDING.
    It is just coming back in April along with some very good news!
    Here is proof from ANN straight from Mashima.

  • rii said:

    all we’re getting are reruns under the title fairy tail best so yes it is ending and it better stay done.

  • Kev00 said:

    The anime is on a HIATUS right now. When anime’s are done they get taking off it’s time slot for a stupid one, Fairy Tail will be on TV Tokyo at a good time, this shows that the anime is not ending and “rii” why are you even here, you don’t know anything about anime, this anime is in the top 3 in Japan and ending it in the middle of an ARC? It’s not ending everyone, it’s just on a Hiatus. Hiro even wrote in ENGLISH that the anime is not the end. We just have to wait and play the waiting game. :)

  • Hessmess said:

    Its not ending fool it will be restarting at an undisclosed date.
    They still have to solve the dragon thing and defeat zeref who is the main bad guy in the story

  • ratkiller884 said:

    The manga is only a few weeks ahead of the anime :( this is could be one of the reasons they are delaying/temporary cancelling FT

  • kalin said:

    NATSU,GRAY,ERZA,GAJEEL, and LAXUS are the most POWERFUL members of FAIRY TAIL!

  • Masane said:

    kalin@ … *ehm*Gildarts*ehm*

  • kanji said:

    but it sounds a little weird though, fairy tail best, why not just let it be fairy tail?

  • rodgamer said:

    if they replaced gray with mirajane, it really would be the most powerful team

  • Avrai said:

    -What a great match
    -I-I suppose..
    -It was extremely disquisting. Thank you very much.

    they are epic xD and crowd was awesome too, kids crying after seeing Ichiya going all out, destroyed childhood

  • ILoveErza said:

    I’m sorry but Gray is NOT stronger than Mirajane. She should have been in their instead. She is easily one of the most powerful members of Fairy Tail.

  • kim lizzy said:

    Hey my birthday is on the 8th March

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