Fairy Tail Episode 80

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  • Natu said:

    Fairy Tail is my favorite anime right now. Can’t wait for new episodes!

  • Itachi Uchiha said:

    1st… Lissana and Natsu 4ever…
    Dragon Slayer

  • Hell_Neko said:

    i cant wait to see what hapends next

  • jayson said:

    i taught this show has a new episode every saturday… anyway i cant wait!

  • Jungsion said:

    how is she using magic is it because irs a different type?

  • jmyers912 said:

    Scary Lucy says she likes to be abused well dang if it’s like that…….

  • Ruby said:

    i think she’s able to use magic cause their spirits but hey who knows
    can’t wait for the next episode

  • Annonymous said:

    Jugsion:She can use celestial magic because it summons her monsters from a different realm, which is like a totally different world, but can connect to her because she has the keys.

  • lucy said:

    her magic is to open up gates to different dimensions… so it makes sense if she can do it in another dimension…

  • ZeroXblaze said:

    I would guess that Lucy can use magic since the keys are “magical items” and she summons spirits from the spirit world. Might use the spiritworlds magicpower?

  • THATGuy said:

    MAgic is in items right? SO i guess it makes sense for the keys to work.Also from the looks of it, the spirit dimension exists in the same plain for edolas

  • Laurits said:

    Jungsion I would love to explain it but first I have to secure that people who don’t want to know it just yet, don’t see it. So

    Before the Fairy Tail Guild vanished, her magic “Watch” (The walking clock who can talk and is always used for hiding in it)appeared and told her to get into him, because he could feel something terrible coming. So because of the “Watch’s” protection she doesn’t vanish like the guild and after that, she meets Mistgun (Jellal) who give her some food which give her the power to use magic in Edoras, the same kind of thing happened to Gajeel (Iron Dragon), his dragon magic protected him from vanishing just like Natsu and Wendy but because he doesn’t have a cat he couldn’t get to Edoras like Natsu and Wendy. Mistgun (Jellal) finds Gajeel and give him the same food as Lucy and after that sending him to Edoras too. :D that is probably it. I LOVE FAIRY TAIL!

  • Lollllllipop said:

    She can use magic cuz it actually is no “real” magic..since she is only summoning them from a different space-time continuum

  • sheesheesheee!! said:

    They just need some special food. I can’t wait for the natsu/prince fight lol!!!!

  • me said:

    yay gajeel!

  • jayson said:

    i think the special food was called x ball or was i mistaken.

  • Jk7 said:

    u guy all wrong lol…………. something happen that why she can use her magic

    every magic can’t use without THAT!

  • tp.na†su said:

    I LOVE FAIRYTAIL! Especially Lucy-san and as well as Happy!!^^

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