Fairy Tail the Movie: The Phoenix Priestess

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  • Jaaaaa said:

    after 1 year to watch in animeavenue.. :P

  • Neko said:

    Erza looks really pretty in this trailer :o, they all look bit diferrent..?

  • max king said:

    can’t wait bet its awesome

  • Kinaro said:

    Comes out Japan next month….gonna take a good year for this. T_T

  • ilela said:

    ..i really wanna waTch diz!!
    ….hoping xo much!..

  • freak said:

    1 year and 6 months to wait maybe… to watch here -_-

  • chaos321 said:

    the art design change looks like tails of symphonia

  • Wahaj said:

    to excited to see this movie and its gonna be awesome and best movie

  • Neko-chan said:

    Can’t Wait!!!….They all look different specially Erza :) she still looks damn hot though

  • fairy-tail.fan said:

    the characters looks more like in the manga (in my oppinion thats a great thing!)

  • efgrwgeg said:

    uwaaah…! It’s in times like these I wished I was japanese T_T …

  • DauthStenr said:

    Shouldn’t this movie be out already?

  • Skye said:

    @ DauthStenr

    It might already be out in Japan, but it’ll take a while for it to get subbed. :c

  • penguin32700 said:


  • Curser656 said:

    This movie is going to take a while. We need to wait for a dvd release before it’s able to be posted. It may be up to a year.

  • penguin32700 said:

    ARGH!! if only I could skip through time and watch the movie now it looks so darn epic

  • Avrai said:

    hmm I already saw AMV on YT so now im going to search for this :<

  • dark said:

    When will it come out for the U.S?

  • Avrai said:


  • KHRFTW said:

    ITS OUT!!! now when will subs be out…..

  • Podkan said:

    WEEEEEEEE * ^ *

  • Hessmess said:

    I heard subs come out later this month

  • art25 said:

    when will u subbed this? i want to watch it rightnow Please Subbed this fast

  • agion said:


  • Nanou said:

    I heard they’ll try to subbed this for Valentine’s day.

  • Lease said:

    i can’t wait ’till it’s subbed :D

  • Zeal said:

    Omg omg Omg it finally here. i can finally watch it woohoo

  • Cinoid127 said:

    I hope subs comes out soon so I can watch this.

  • blahblah said:

    Now some english subs i.o. mandarin and i’m happy

  • natsuxlucy said:

    i think the subs come out on feb 14 or the 15th not sure

  • selene said:

    will it be realesed with subtitle :(

  • Darren said:

    when will this be subbed?

  • Deanny said:

    Yay chinese subs :D

  • kalin said:

    Im not watching this movie unless it’s subbed.

  • partolo8899 said:

    why isn’t it subbed english and i cant find it anywhere

  • TentraAnimeInc. said:

    We have confirmed fairy tail the movie will be having a subbed, but there has not been any confirmation of when.

  • DIMA said:

    I dont get it. Why does it take so long? Based on the length of the movie compared to the regular length episodes, it shouldn’t take more than a few days and the Berserk movie that just came out was literally subbed in a few days!

    I never understood it.

  • Tukky said:

    I wish it had subs :(

  • Tukky said:

    You would think with all the anime I watch that I’d at least be able to understand some of what they are saying lmao

  • Vermillion17 said:

    this movie stuck well the over all no holds bar use of magic that the series is known for while having the hard work of a movie with more spectacular battle scenes and use of magic it still holds true to the select characters we always see natsu Lucy gray erza and happy along with many of the other well known fairy tail members plus some added characters specific to this movie and the impending doom that our hero’s are facing in this movie is sure to excite when they rise from the bottom to save the magical world don’t believe me watch it for your self you wont be disappointed especially for you fairy tail fans who love this series.^-^

  • Ummmmm^^^ said:

    ^^ Ummm…that comment was very unintelligent and hard to understand. We would like to all watch it, but no subs :(

  • Darren said:

    does anyone know a date 4 the release of the English sub version?

  • Rokkx said:

    finaly subed :d

  • rocky1156 said:

    yay sub is here

  • Zeal said:

    woohoo finally it is subbed yeah!

  • Zeal said:

    but then again i still think raw is better but that my opinion

  • Vel said:

    WOW are you kidding me? after waiting this long for it to be subbed… Who ever subbed this, please go back to school and learn proper English. I can barely understand this crap, not to mention you forgot to sub some parts of the movie. Please don’t allow 4th graders to sub.

  • XLR8R said:

    is there one with english subs and without the chinese subs?

  • geo said:


  • Big D Johnny said:

    (said in a old black woman’s voice) OH, SWEET JESUS! LORDY LORD! GOD HAVE MERCY ON MY SOUL! ITS FINALLY HERE!

    Please excuse my excitement. I’ve been anticipating this since it was announced:3

  • Zeal said:

    Yea the subbing was crap yup is suck ass but the story line was ok and the ending was …….. well you will all see

  • Higurashi said:


  • TheRiz said:

    second time there’s blood scene in faiy tail, the first time was in the first OVA

  • Vel said:

    God, I have to wait even longer for better subs. This is just crap.

  • Kanner said:

    Will wait for better subs and possibly HD Quality .

  • michi said:

    This show Tells me how beautiful friendship is :’(

  • qwerty said:

    not to sound pessimistic but this was disappointing tbh i was expecting more, maybe it was the bad quality or the bad subs but this movie was kinda crap…disagree if you wish but I’m entitled to my opinion.

  • ahmed said:

    this is amazing i cant thank this website and people who sub this enough :D

  • jf said:

    Is it just me or do some characters look older?

  • exodiar said:

    natsu should’ve just eaten the massive fireball and used that power to defeat the phoenix
    i mean … he IS a fire dragon slayer and that IS a massive amount of fire based magic

  • Mumamba said:

    Maybe its only my opinion, but i think Lucy is so useless!

  • sneakysh0rty said:

    It was a good story. i feel as if the animation was a bit dated. BUT, then again this came out a year ago and who knows when they started drawing it. Not saying that’s the reason, just saying if it was, then dang, we’ve come a long way since then.

    Im a bit confused about the timeline. Considering they were in the old guild, yet Lucy’s father is already dead and everyone looks older. Though, that wasn’t the point of the movie anyways.

  • A.E said:

    @ Mumamba I agree glad i am not the only one who see that

  • Charizma said:

    From watching the series my expectations were high, and they were destroyed. This movie sucked. Even disregarding the horrible subs and bad quality of the video and audio. Why would the main fight be so dark? You could barely tell what was happening. There was no point that any of them bonded. Even Lucy and Eclair barely spent any time together and they spent the most. The incredibly weak ending was the most emotional part, when Natsu talked to Lucy. I felt like I was watching a slideshow.

  • Charizma said:

    @Exodiar I was thinking the same thing. It would’ve made the ending much better. I expect it was more like etherion than fire based though. But he has eaten etherion before and been fine.

  • kalin said:

    The movie was good but the movie was a little too dark.

  • mitch said:

    is it possible to download the subtitles file somehwere? srt/ass

  • KsnNwk said:

    Does anyone know when there will be HD quality of this movie?

  • mak said:

    was waiting for such a long time but i’m happy now but the wizards look a bit different

  • I love fairy tail said:

    Fu-ck giler Natsu & Gray! Baka Baka!

  • I love fairy tail said:

    Natsu so cute! I wish natsu with lucy. They really! Cute couple!

  • angryguy said:

    Could have been a good story line, but the author of this movie seems to have no idea how to compress his story in to the length of a movie. Everything happens way to quick what makes the story and the new characters souless and boring.

  • Avrai said:

    YEA WORTH WAITING FOR HD, oh well I wanted to write down something with a smile… NO HAPPY ENDING! MAN TEARS! I could ask “why did she die?” but I wont, it happend and I cant change it, its so unfair, such a well made character, I wanted to see her in actual series :’< i hope they'll make another movie with a damn happy ending!

  • Dante said:

    Man..I thought this movie would be good..Everything happen to fast…What ever..I’m more excited for One piece movie..^_^ Those animations look Sooo Good!

  • FT said:

    I expected something better

  • Darkstar said:


    1. Went by too fast… it was just overall really rushed.
    2. Didn’t have anything at all to do with the actual show, to be honest with you.
    3. Translation was a bit scuffy, just didn’t add up to my grammar Nazi requirements.

    But, there was blood.

  • Ed said:

    It was Wonderful. Natsu is such a man; saying good things. I don’t really understand all the negative comments, but I believe this was a movie worth watching. ALthough it may have not met everyone’s expectations, it made good points and the movie ended very well. Great Job.

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