Fate Zero Episode 8

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  • Heot said:

    Thanks Avalon

  • Hi there said:

    awww yee

  • lone soul said:

    I dont get why he didnt just use assain to kill both women and why saber master didnt just send lancer to kill sabers master while saber was fighting caster O.o i understand the whole honor thing but even those who dont care about dont use the chance to get a easy victory

  • G-Man said:

    Kotomine had no interest in killing the girls (and killing them would make Saber want to chase after him instead of giving the girls medical attention). He literally couldn’t care less about them or about anything at all. That’s his whole problem. He’s worked hard his whole life for nothing and has no clue what he really wants. He just wanted to meet Kiritsugu, who is so similar to himself in many ways, because he figured learning about Kiritsugu would give him some idea of what to do with himself. That’s why Kotomine was even there and why he didn’t bother killing the girls.

    As for Kayneth, he has honor. He came into the mansion and challenged Kiritsugu to honorbable, one-on-one combat last episode, but Kiritsugu is relying on traps and weapons. Kayneth wanted Lancer to defeat Caster so he could get the reward the priest put on Caster’s head, meanwhile he thought he would defeat Kiritsugu himself. Kayneth sees Kiritsugu as an insult to all mages because he uses technology like guns in favor of magic. Kayneth would see needing his Servant to beat Kiritsugu as admitting that he’s even less of a mage than Kiritsugu.

    The thing is, most mages in this world are insanely arrogant (and they are massive jerks). Don’t be fooled by Shirou and Rin’s behavior if you saw Fate/Stay Night before this. Those two are nice and naive compared to most mages in their world. Most mages dedicate their whole lives and even sell out their own families for the sake of magic, it’s their whole world and the source of their pride. A mage using technology instead of magic is the ultimate slap in the face to them and losing to such a mage (or needing help to defeat such a mage) is the ultimate shame. That’s why Kayneth didn’t think to ask Lancer for help until it was too late.

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