Freezing Episode 10

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  • somebody said:

    so any guesses what’s next ???

  • Thori said:

    I personally think that Satella’s sync rate with Aoi’s stigma is going to go through the roof once she starts fighting the Nova. That’s after She nearly gets killed and is saved by Kazuya’s Freezing ability.

  • Steffinatah said:

    Satellizer is going to not want Kazuya or whatever his name is as her Limiter, therefore go into the battle on her own and after being saved by his freezing ability,as Thori said, her compatibility will go through the roof or maybe she’ll develop her own super special sort of stigma.

  • somebody said:

    hmm can’t wait to see !!!

  • Mufi-san said:


  • Heliox4 said:

    Look on release date lol

  • adryan said:

    when will appear ep 10?

  • somebody said:

    its aired at saturday evenings

  • somebody said:

    hey have any of you heard anything about when this episode will be released since there have been a tsunami at japan ???

  • Medium said:

    I hope, but doubt, it will be aired on schedule.
    They’ve got bigger problems to deal with, and being honest, waiting a bit longer for one episode of anime doesn’t mark the end of the world.
    All we can do now is sitting back and waiting. And praying, if that’s your kind of thing.

  • Normandy said:

    hope the sub comes out soon or i magically learn how to speak japanese. perferably the latter.

  • Medium said:

    Well, wadda ya know… It’s up.

  • somebody said:

    yay its aired on schedule !!!

  • POKE said:

    What’s next is , that satilixzer is beat the person withe quad tripele aceel and they have a break from school where aoi and satilixer go to her step sister’s hotel

  • hello :D said:

    Omg cant wait till the next episode!!!! This is getting really intense!!

  • Dscop said:

    Satella will “open the holy” gate as Rana called it and kick butt. And might even go into Nova form a bit

  • 96darkchaos said:

    love satella 4eva!! Satellizer L.Bridget <3

  • Bobo said:

    lol my guess is that satella gets put into nova form and then almost kills Aoi when finally she remembers all the good times with him and somehow resists being under the nova’s control. and then of course kicks butt!!!

  • somebody said:

    so everyones guess is Satellizer kicks a hell lot of butts

  • Hannah said:

    Of course that happens!
    It’s in the manga.

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