Freezing Episode 12

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  • jungsion said:

    :( last episode

  • adryan said:

    why is the last episode ????
    in the future will not apear more episodes???

  • taylorlehong said:

    Its the last episode of season 1 noobs. season 2 starts when the battle ends and they take a trip on a holiday.

  • M0bster said:

    now we jut have to wait 4 second season

  • aceofguns said:

    Dude stop being such a rude little prick, not everyone wastes their time not getting laid and knowing every single episode that is laid out for each anime, it was a simple question that didn’t need a dick response.

  • Medium said:

    Just as Taylor said.
    Patience, youngins, there WILL be more to come.

  • adryan said:

    this is epiosde 11 not 12:((((
    i hope episode 12 will appear soon

  • Canxopener said:

    Does anyone know when season 2 will start or has that not been disclosed yet?

  • Grifter said:

    May get the Elfen Lied treatment.

  • kratos said:

    wtf??!! on a different website they had episode 12 raw but when i watched it the episode was the same as episode 11 which is already subbed……can somebody plz tell wtf is going on???!!!!

  • blacky said:

    9th they release next ep :)

  • SAMSAM said:

    the site where you have seen episode 12 is a fake! DX

  • kevin said:

    Episode is airing on the 7th according to the official website of freezing.

    TOKYO MX 4月7日 (木) 26:00-26:30

  • jungsion said:

    anyone know if there actually be a season 2 and not just hoping

  • shadow54 said:

    It has been Subbed released on April 7th

  • McCarmine said:

    Yea theres going to be another season awooh!!

  • dnua said:

    Season two takes a…dark turn. Let’s just say I would rip her stp brother’s head off if I could

  • masterImac said:

    There will be a 2nd season, for sure, because the anime follows the manga and the story is not yet over. And at the end of the episode said the Man “that’s just the beginning”;-)
    oh I almost forgot, there will also be a 2nd season because the DVD were sold very often

  • SlicerT said:

    Can’t wait for the second season xD

  • Ying said:

    oh man the manga is getting really twisted. Lets just say Bridgette revisits her past. And it is totally very nasty turn. I can’t wait for Louis to get his just desserts.

  • adryan said:

    anyone know when eill apear season 2?

  • shadow54 said:

    Season 2 will be released when it is released…
    Knowing when it gets released makes time go by slower so just wait patiently.

  • the indo said:

    they say it will we released the 7th but that 7th what may or idunno

  • Yawn said:

    I thought this was the end by watching the episode now to find Kazuya’s has come into the story changed that there would be second season.

  • dragon47078 said:

    people start going to form and bitching people complianing so much there might not be second season and if there is they might change some things

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