Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince Episode 12

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  • Takumi said:

    glad this is going for 24 eps

  • Brothers said:

    Wth….I was so eager to see what they were staring at for the whole day. Once it comes into view, it just looks like a space ship, no explanation. wtf…..

  • Demelicos said:

    If you are reading through the comments first. Skip it.

    If you aren’t, that yellow car is the ugliest looking vehicle I Have ever had the misfortune of seeing in an anime ever. It didn’t even match the other vehicles on the road…

    Here is how the episode plays out;

    ♦ Red spends his time drawing a comic, then sneaks around looking for someone to read it.
    ♦ Blue goes out shopping with the loli from his machines mechanics.
    ♦ Purple and Rose provide nothing but fan service in between being carted around in the worlds most ugly car that at one point somehow magically climbed up a wall
    ♦ Gold spends the entire episode staring out into space waiting for a freaking satellite… 24 Hours WAITING FOR A SATELLITE. God, WHY?
    ♦ Various shots of the mechanics doing random stuff to help fill up time… Except for golds, they eventually join Gold in his stupid and pointless wait.

  • hmmmmm said:

    Demelicos described this episode in a nut shell. Keep in mind you are talking to a person that has went through every Naruto filler ever created and even I was confused/bored. I would skip this episode if you are reading this. The fan service wasn’t that great either.

    I was really pumped after that fight red had, but it seems it is going to wind down for a bit.

  • Dante said:

    u guys know y they had to put the filler on in this episode. it meant for a break for the guys in the company that is making this anime since they are going to continue this series for the summer season. If u didn’t like this episode due to boredom or something small, then ur need help. Xp

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