Golden Time Episode 15

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  • Xableshadow said:

    soooo good

  • creepypasta anime said:

    Ghost Banri has that much control on the weather and traffic? And its crazy they didn’t crash, i guess even ghost banri has his limits.

  • Narjiee said:

    Boy that was so close… ^_^

  • DD said:


  • That One Viewer said:

    Heart pounding ending.

  • RagingKill said:

    Wow that ending was scary

  • McChicken said:

    O.O Oh damn that last part had me on edge.

  • General said:

    Banris Ghost is getting astronomically, annoying.

  • Dabowmanator said:

    thats why you dont let the women drive…

  • iupaM said:

    It doesn’t matter if your a alive or dead, a spirit or with a body…karma is still a huge a** b***h.

  • Tentensaidso said:

    Cliffhanger noooooooooooooooo

  • Yuta said:

    Don’t be silly. A ghost doesn’t change the weather or traffic. He just makes them unlucky, making them taking unreasonable choices. For example they could have checked the weather beforehand and picked a better date. Or Yana could have thought about her mobile signal in the cafe. Or they could have thought about the traffic, looking up alternative routes or an earlier meeting time.

    In the end you see him crying because he didn’t want them to have an accident. He just wanted them to be misfortunate. If he would actually control all those things, he wouldn’t have let that accident happen.

  • dsfgdfg said:

    There isn’t really a ghost banri. They kinda split. His personality, and consciousness split into two when he hit his head. One is dominant the other trapped only to observe. The two aren’t really that different, there quite the same. Only one difference, the girl. To the one whom knew who he was, the girl he loved was the one whom knew him better than himself. To the other, it was the girl whom like him, knew nothing of herself. Was blind to how she was, and could not control her actions. The only reason banri likes koko is because shes as lost when it comes to who she is as a person, as he is. Banri will probably meet himself, and become one person, the two conbined. He will probably go with linda.
    Yasu truthfully suits koko, he just can’t stand the clinginess. However he is much the same as she is, as a person. He just hated how she never considerd his feelings, when really, if she had, I doubt he wouldn’t have dated her. It was more that she plunged forward and really didn’t care about his feelings, or think of them, she admitted that later.
    There all lost. Banri will find himself, and through that, linda. Koko and yasu will find themselves through how they are influenced by banri’s dramatic life. Chinami apears to have lots of friends, but is lonely. She has that many friends for a party but is alone all summer vaca ? She is the same as koko. Koko had no friends because she was much too high class, there was soo much pride that it was hard to get near her. Chinami is more down to earth, they kinda balance each other out as friends, and there lonely. They both had no close friends. Koko balanced and made up for that by chasing yasu and ignoring it. Chinami made millions of acquaintances.

  • RyuuNoSuKee said:

    I really like ghost Banri :D

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