Golden Time Episode 24

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  • bruttos said:

    Best ending.touching my heart

  • HaremROMcom said:

    seriously who makes a ring with serated edges? and also i think he could have been able to swing a linda , koko harem ending if he had tried harder

  • Lars said:

    Second best anime to make me cry ;_; they better make season two DAMNIT! Who agrees?
    The first one to make me cry was angel beats of course :P to answer your question

  • Pool4 said:

    So that’s how it end.

    mmmh tbh I liked watching this anime, the end isn’t that disapointing I just feel that their should be a better explaination.

  • K-Legz said:

    Seems like everything eventually worked itself out in the end. I was kind of rooting for the other team though.

  • void said:

    Girl i was rooting for won (avoiding spoilers) yup im content with the ending although i always knew it was yes (hint maybe, or maybe not~) Enjoy the final episode~

  • iupaM said:

    Pretty good ending. Though the way tleavingri got his memories back was really weak and cliche.
    Also how the hell did get the ring back in his pocket, how did Linda hug the ghost Banri, how was he and Linda able to talk to ghost Banri? I can accept that that sceen was in his head, a symbolic was of his 2 memories/personalities syncing; but Banri is a dense MoFo, so he wouldn’t have known that Linda likes him, also the ring part. It fell into the river a few scenes ago. Also the one who hit Banri on the bridge was never found, and Linda seems to know who it was. So many questions left unanswered.
    I’m glad that Linda was able to move on and start developing feelings for Mitsuo. But how about Oka-chan? She got the short end of the stick here. I was hoping for a happily ever after end. I dont even care if Banri got a harem with Linda and Koko, but leaving Oka hurt and heartbroken doesn’t feel right.
    Over all this was a good anime, but it is not as good as Toradora. Toradora had better drama in it and proved to be more realistic compared to Golden Time. Since high schoolers are more expected to do crazy stuff for love and not college students. Though the characters in Golden Time did stray a bit from the anime stereotypes, which is a good thing. But in the end, this anime was another victim to short time. The pacing was good, giving each episode a good dose of plot and fan service. Episode 24 is just the weakeat , since it was rushed. If they got another episode or 2, they would have time to make the perfect ending.

  • Vicky said:

    I agree with iupaM, too many questions left unanswered :/
    OVAs maybe? perhapalap?

  • bustapr said:

    I was sort of hoping for an ep where Banri got all his memories back and he fought with his love for both girls, but that didnt happen. the memory thing couldve been a but better made, but the anime itself was amazing still. kind of ridiculously stupid how Banris ghost was calmed and magically made the ring go back into Banris pocket though. Im glad they finally got to go to the eiffel tower ;D

  • Demon said:

    That ending <3

  • ahmed said:

    you should also watch anohana and clannad:after story they will make you cry like a babe

  • Timmah said:

    well he was hit on a white scooter linda drove a white scooter, and her brother was weirdly worried about his health so i go with her brother hit him, if anyone else has ideas feel free to throw them out there

  • SJ7 said:


    @iupa: Linda meeting the Ghost Banri is symbolism. Ghost Banri himself isn’t an actual character. He’s a representation of Banri’s past and older self. Linda was saying yes to Banri’s old feelings and new ones, and symbolically or metaphorically somewhat it was like she was having a moment with a physical Ghost Banri. It’s all representation.

  • Aeolus said:

    I felt there was more needed here, something wasn’t right. Of course I was rooting for the other girl, and when she gave her answer I was glad and hurt all in the same time. The plot up to this point was wonderful, and probably the best of the year in my opinion. The ending felt short-lived and didn’t have enough emotion and explanation. I was expecting I would cry or go into a fit of anger, but I literally sat here staring blankly at the screen, as banri often did in previous episodes,and said “That’s it?” This anime had a solid 10/10 until this episode now I’m giving it a 9.5/10, I saw the ending coming, but this episode needs more explaining, an OVA or two explaining what happens next, or explaining unanswered questions from the past would make this well, in a sense, Golden.

  • Tentensaidso said:

    Im not crying YOU’RE crying!

  • GG said:

    @Sj7 it can be intrepeted that way but the ring part just messed it up, when you want to do that kind of represantion you CANNOT mix the phsyical with the pschological cause the line between them is what logicaly differs reality from fiction

  • Thomas said:

    I actually did not cry of this episode… how wierd. But guys remember there is a manga, this is not the end. This is just where the anime decided to end it.

  • asdfghjkl said:

    To me it was a no-brainer of how it would end. Yeah I kind of wanted a happy one ending (which is what we got), yet a sad touchy ending. But overall I wish Oka-chan got with the blonde boy (forgot his name) I understand that she didn’t realize she had feelings for him until now, but idk I guess he probably should get with Linda-chan. Mixed feelings rn lolol.

  • Alexandrus said:

    @iupaM and @asdfghjkl If i were Mitsuo i would never want to have relationship with Oka chan because there is huge difference between man and woman. She rejected him more like humiliated him in front of many people. She rejected you once before so why would you go for her when you finally found someone you really like? Once man’s heart is broken he doesn’t want to feel this horrible feeling from that woman again and of course it applies to every person whether its man or woman. The point is thats how man’s heart is fragile thing you know?
    Psychologically woman’s willpower is a lot stronger than man’s willpower so they recover faster than man. Even Physically! For example woman can be able to give birth naturally since their patience and resistance to pain is a lot higher than man’s patience and resistance.
    Mitsuo go for Linda xD You are almost there!

  • Yinny said:

    This anime, best ever! Altough I hoped that Banri would choose Linda, because he had already feelings for her. Though I’m still happy that he chose Koko, because they both match better than Linda. But I liked her the most of all. I wished that we would see more of Linda!

  • Yolomaaan said:

    SO many questions people are asking. Funny thing is people wonder how Linda hugged ghost Banri, but I don’t recall a lot of protest against the logical existence of ghost Banri himself.

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