Gosick Episode 24

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  • Ichika Orimura said:

    nice ep

  • Cyclone said:

    First! Absolutely beautiful! A good ending for a good series! I am in love with Gosick! One of my favorite anime hands down!

  • MyPockii said:

    Whoa.. What! Is it over already?! It can’t be over yet!!

  • slawjim said:

    That was good.

  • jelmer said:

    I am crying….. really a great ending!!!

  • gothboy692004 said:

    omg thought he lost his f*cking legs lmao i got so pissed couldnt believe they would pull that crap lol or he could be using prosthetics lol last episode so sad :(

  • SmileyFace said:

    I’m happy that they are finally together (and that Kujo is whole) but I still crying D’X
    And I’m so sad about the twin brothers, I wish they’d live DDD’X

  • NiqueKnowsBest said:

    OMG!!! This show was amazing it had me in tears almost half the time…kujo and victorique had such a beautiful son…he look just like his mom…LOOOOVVVEEE IT…>__<

  • CyberDrake101 said:

    Man this episode was beautiful i even almost cryed at the end.

  • Anito said:

    Wait a sec, Kujo fought in a snowy landscape so how exactly did he reached a Desert Biome?

  • c2 said:

    omg it can’t be finished i am totally in love with gosick

  • sokoshi said:

    wow !! why am i crying so much >< !!
    i will miss koju and vectorique !!

  • blablablalbabablk said:

    and then around 15 years later kujo becomes a kamikaze bomber and dies

  • Kreepie said:

    Ok, so I’ve watched anime’s that have made me cry, but that was by far the most depressing one I’ve ever seen. I came for the mysteries, and got sucked in and stayed by the relationships between them all…. :S

  • @blablablababablk said:

    Kujo was 16 when he went into the war, and 19 when he left. Victorique was 15 when she went looking for him, and 18 when she found him. So by the time WWII came around, Kujo wouldn’t be chosen to fight because he would be too old. Also, why the hell would you make fun of a beautiful anime like this?

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