Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 1

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  • Rail-kun said:

    A m a z i n g!
    S u g e !
    S u b a r a s h i i !
    S u t e k i !
    K a k k o i !

  • Rokkx said:


  • Anubis said:


  • Inclemence said:


  • Chad said:


  • BleachFan268 said:

    Great anime

  • TaskForce141 said:

    The four nations leaved peacefully, until the demon nation attacked, ahaha.

    Ok, here’s my opinion of this anime.

    Straight off the bat, its my favorite anime of this season, and for a while to. There haven’t been good animes like this, same goes for Devil Survivor 2 The Animation.

    Although I appreciate HATARAKU MAOU-SAMA! more then Devil Survivor 2 The Animation, they are both very good as far as I can see.

    But I seem to appreciate HMS (HATARAKU MAOU-SAMA!) more.

    The Quality of this anime, it seems to have the old style animations, but with modern quality/settings. It’s very good, I love it. This is my style.

    As for story, I can already say its going to be great from whats happened to the beginning, 2 men who are evil and tried to take over the world, are now *trapped* in a different sort of dimension seeing things they have never seen before.

    It’s going to be good because they are going to have to adapt to there surroundings, although its not going to be hard to adapt to like a gold fish trying to adapt to survive on land, it’s still going to be very interesting.

    I’m not sure if I listened right, but either ways… I believe they are in the same world, just in the future, don’t remember if they said they are in a whole different world, though they could be wrong themselves.

    Now if they are in a different world, I don’t think there going to go back to the old one, they will adapt to this new one, like it, and stay.

    Its very funny as well, and its going to keep on being funny as they, will have to adapt to everything.

    I like how they try to community, like when they are sitting down talking with the nerdy looking character.

    Overall my opinion is : This is the definition of epic, its super hilarious to, I love the animations, the quality, everything.
    I hope MAOU ends up with that red haired girl, argh they are perfect anime characters (not pixel loving) but to my eyes *.*

    Also its kind of surprising how the Hero was there to, wth ?
    and that the hero is a girl, and that the demon king and the hero will probably end up liking each other…

    side topic (it’s funny how the worse *evil* people in the world, can technically be the nicest people)

    Here’s a small change in my MUST WATCH SPRING 2013 ANIMES.

    2 – Devil Survivor 2 The Animation

    Hataraku took the first place. :)

  • Witch said:

    LOL, how does no one in Japan recognize Maou-sama is just Demon lord? Ahahaha, hiding in plain sight.

  • derp said:

    LOL! demon lord works at McD!!!! XD

  • TaskForce141 said:

    ups the four nations lived* peacefully, my bad again…

  • J said:


  • nothing said:

    Yes subbed!!!

  • Hiyak said:


  • Hiyak said:


  • Moooio1 said:

    I think the follower of the demon lord is gay

  • Mocchi said:

    wow… they just learned japanese just like tht..

  • Al said:


  • rodgamer said:

    this is def gonna be a good series. or at least i’d like to say that but everyone saw how maouyuu maou yuusha turned out

  • amin said:

    looks fun to watch

  • Agion said:


  • McChicken said:

    The Hero & the Dark Lord? wtf soon they are going to become friends LOL

  • zero said:


  • TaskForce141 said:


    maouyuu maou yuusha will not be anything like this, actually it seems like the opposite.

    the devil king which was the red haired girl taught all the people about newer more *modern* things, while in this the devil king Maou will have to learn modern things.

    maouyuu maou yuusha turned out to be boring, but the opening was great and the opening song was so good.

  • Tentensaidso said:

    Really awesome anime!

  • dom said:

    OH GOD this anime is PRICELESS! :P

  • Makoolit said:

    Maoyuu – economics + role switch + modern setting + more comedy + people actually having names instead of calling each other by their roles/class, + having a 2nd dimention + some problems of the real world = and we got this anime.

    This season’s anime has a great line up, the previous one too. But this season has an assortment or good anime genres. Last season the romance animes are the only good ones, but this season has action, drama, romance, comedy, mystery, ecchi, and many others.

  • Avrai said:

    amazing (sorry i had to do this xD)

  • Coco Fangirl said:

    Oh my God. The land lord is the witch of the waste (from Howl’s Moving Castel)

  • The Wanderer said:

    Oh look everyone! Its Holy Potter!

  • Takai said:

    Lucifer is a general of Satan?

    u wot m8

  • Theangelsbeats said:

    Omg the Supersize me reference xD idk why I laughed so hard at that!!

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