Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 13

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  • Takumi said:

    last ep next week nooo

  • knittra said:

    I hated Emilia to the end -.-

  • rodgamer said:


  • zero said:

    i love this series

  • loremasterz said:

    Nooooooo it’s over :(

  • Yuu said:

    so , judging by this episode

    The chances of a 24 episode series is very high IMO

    Love that new ED <3

  • ZataGigaX009 said:

    Wasn’t this the last episode? Since there’s no preview… I guess?

  • dragonx said:

    there going to be 25 episodes

  • Scarlet said:

    will there be a season 2 for this? i hope so, i love it

  • zvala said:

    Kind of cute the way she smile at the end <3 "i was expecting more romance ;(

  • Cobra (author) said:

    In case you guys don’t know this was the last episode and nothing has been mentioned about a second season, at least not yet.

  • Ansatsushi said:


  • bustapr said:

    new ending kind of confirms this will continue weekly at least until next season. this filler ep was kind of enjoyable. no ep with lucifer screwing up and maou getting pissed at him can be bad.

  • tae said:

    omfggg the ending part was the best LOOOOOOOL

  • dasdd said:

    for all you guys saying new ending=the anime will continue that is false if it had a new opening then it would have meant that. The ending is basicaly an ending for the anime as a whole not for just 1 episode.

  • Uhh said:

    wow subbers actually put “true Sky” instead of fly toward the sky, finally. Every time I saw That and heard “True sky” it made me for a brief moment, doubt, that the subbers did even a remotely good job… but then I got lost in the anime each time.

  • Kuro neko said:

    Urushihara sleeping in a box in the ED

    Seems legit

  • Butttttttt said:

    They didn’t introduce the archer girl, so they’ll probably continue the season.

  • BlazefireAmaterasu said:

    Aw, Emi! Loved that ending with the umbrella and her smiling. Still wondering what they’re gonna do next seeing as how nothing was really solved. The church is still after them and they haven’t found a way back to Ente Isle, considering they’re still wanting to go that is. Chiho is cute and everything but I prefer Emi and Maou better. Heck, he saw and pointed out Emi’s boobs first XD Anyway heres hoping for a season 2.

  • Hans said:


  • Avrai said:

    worst ending of this spring series… piece of shit i must say, it could be 8th or 9th episode, nothing particular happend, we dont know anything important, scene after ending was like cutted out of another episode, i guess they will add proper ending to ova or some kind of specials

  • Hans said:

    awesome, emilia likes the dark lord!!!!

  • OmgWTF said:

    dumcrak she liked him from the start did you not notice the vibes being sent off and dont you know about anime girls personality when they are in love. to me it was obvious

  • erick said:

    These Dark Lord X Hero couples are amazing these days. Got MaoYusha and now Hataraku Mao. This needs a season 2, since there are still things that are not explained yet.

  • psycholobster said:

    Terrible last episode. There should have been more things resolved including more relationship development. Also there needs to be more character development. Actually more story progression would have been better.

  • SaberHawk said:

    This could have another season seeing as they left some enemies, however if this is the end of the season or the whole anime you can tell simply because they had the same meal as they had in the beginning.

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