IS: Infinite Stratos Episode 8

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  • zero said:

    first super beast o.o

  • troll said:

    COMOOOON guys upload some subs i cant wait *burp*

  • QXC said:

    soooooooooooooooooooo funny i just laugh my ass off

  • Lucity said:

    At least Laura doesn’t beat around the bush. lol

  • zero said:

    O.o the last mins of the ep i was like w.t.f O_O and wow that was a shocker at the end cant wait fir the next ep

  • Gurmiz said:

    What… the… hell…? IMO, Best harem eva so far. Also, next Ep looks interesting! Can’t wait!

  • evil713 said:

    man i hope theres an uncensored verson out at some point, all these shots of other stuff is annoying.

  • joe fluckyoself said:

    oh ya, gotta love those strong willed chicks. Bet she rides him all night long.

  • Cilly said:

    Beat the crap out of a girl, getting married to her.
    I should try this xD

  • Tony said:

    I think at this rate the anime will end with a tournament between all the girls that like him, with the winner becoming his wife.

  • implosionX said:

    i think itchika will die protecting them all :D.

    making the whole anime epic beyond mesure

  • Nobody said:

    I like how the birds reacted nothing when they kissed

  • Hahaahahaa..... said:

    Laura… rofl wow she’s pretty straight forward

  • lelouch said:

    Sexy twist at the end their matesz

  • Toxication said:

    Lol. I love the kiss part! :D
    At least she didnt pretend it to be an accident.
    But he gave no big reaction at all, just standed there like a statue.
    Or, slow reaction!

  • superfury said:

    Errr…. At the end laura says to Ichika “I-I will make you my bride.”…. Itn’t it more like groom? :S Poor Ichika….. being humiliatedXD

  • Raven said:

    Lolol, “You’ll be my husband. That is final.” That’s so sexy (girls like Laura turn me on actually rofl). Orimura/Laura ftw!?!

  • KIKwut said:

    LOL if you notice in the ED his harem keeps growing :D

  • angel10 said:

    Beautiful ep 08 was the best in the series!
    Transfer flock and the scene of charlotte, where he turns around and nearly hugs him which will remain because there is he then tells him to call her charlotte his real name!
    Then the scene where laura and ichka find themselves in a space created by IS and their thoughts come into communication and she compisce of falling in love with him!
    But what is the scene where she points out that chyfuu’s friend told him chyfyy’s brother is in love with the girls?

  • Drako said:

    This is very dead but…

    Dat Laura O.o

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