Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode 10

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  • Takumi said:

    i wish this was longer!

  • dante said:

    i wish this had subs

  • just a random guy said:

    you lied to me!! there aint subs yet!!!

  • Rail-kun said:

    Error! No sub but it says it’s already sub… man

  • Moooio1 said:

    I finally know what feeding ment not blood but sex

  • nomnom said:


  • evil_pony said:

    wooah what a way to finish a chapter (and to almost destroy a series)
    this is getting weirder with each episode
    I can feel hoshino’s influence all over the place

  • Carlmalone said:

    Well I actually faped to this so yeaaa

  • zero said:

    i dont get it, doesnt haruto just need blood?

    poor shoko :(

    this is why i hat love triangles, but thats life… oh well

  • Black said:

    Is this going for a Seikon no Qwaser?

  • Gavitty666 said:

    Well at least one of the girls gets what she wants, i say the same poor shoko but she get a valvrate or what

  • just a random guy said:

    faith in anime destroyed! even in the anime world yolo exists

  • Itsme said:

    In response to Zero: *hate

  • mika said:

    This episode was full of what the bananas.

    I mean, did Shoko just YOLO at the audience and won the audition?

    And did the main protagonist just raped a girl WITHOUT PROTECTION?

    It was like a teenage documentary on MTV.
    Very refreshing.

  • lol said:

    holy crap i was losing interest in this anime… but damn i think it just became my favourite of this season.

  • VoltronBurger said:

    i’ve never seen a series killed so hard in one episode.

    YOLO? really?

    and what the hell kind of curse is that?!

  • Singularity said:

    well there is a season 2 for those who liked the series

  • Singularity said:

    for those who liked the series there is a season 2

  • nekolover said:

    Wow i ve never thought it’d turn out like this…but its kinda strange b/c while the others who had turned into vampires like the main charact. showed no symptoms whatsoever…only him well thats what u get for being the lead character…poor Shoko…

  • *---* said:

    now i know why they had the first ED Boku janai…he was not himself that night.

  • DoodleBot said:

    I don’t know, but I was laughing along with the robot because of how big of a troll this was. Man, this anime is going in really weird directions.

  • GG said:


    Yea he didn´t do it the right way cause when a man rapes a woman he always uses a codom it´s code ;)

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