Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 1

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  • McCarmine said:

    WTF is this? power rangers with wizards LOL! eh i’ll watch it cuz they got some cute Japanese girls specially the cop girl :D

  • .Lio. said:

    main character is cocky as fawk xD you never see this in Power Rangers. They get kinda cocky, but makes you go like “meh”

  • SabriSonne said:

    Somehow funny… last one uploaded was Kamen Rider OOO (2010/11), and now Kamen Rider Wizard (2012/13)… what about Kamen Rider Fourze (2011/12) ?!?

  • HIVE said:

    True, this is a lot like Power Rangers. Okay guys say it with me.

  • Hmm said:

    What the FACK is this? lmao at least it isnt AS corny as power rangers. Action is actually decent too but still, not something ill be able to stick with.

  • Lyconides said:

    JAPANESE WIZARD POWER RANGERS, of course they would be cocky.

  • Avrai said:

    lol “Unicorn.. please, Kraken… please” lol bitc* pleaseeee xD its not anime so its not for me

  • KAmen rider 555 said:

    Please keep on posting….the videos.

  • Neko Chan said:

    Kamen Rider is not Power Ranger’s, but like Power Ranger’s is based on The long running “Super Sentai Franchise” (and is also Japanese) which became Power Rangers in US/EU (which btw is heavily edited/rewritten compared to the original Japanese. i.e. the Japanese Dino Thunder villains were lead by a little girl (watch dino thunder episode “Lost & Found in Translation” the Japanese “dino rangers” are actually a redubbed (horribly) version of the episode “Abare Leaguer Bind” of Super Sentai: Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger), who was the black rangers daughter (both came from another dimension of dinosaur people), being possessed by an evil spirit. In America/Europe we made Mesogag who is clearly not Tommy’s daughter). There are dozens of Kamen Rider series the only one we’ve had in the U.S./E.U. (that ik of) was Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (which sucked btw)

  • ccm147 said:

    first thing that came to mind Power Rangers

  • Fenrir281 said:

    So much better than power rangers.

  • Sultadashin said:

    Keep in mind that comparing Kamen Rider to Power Rangers is like comparing X-Men to the Avengers – they are all superheroes but their themes/traits are in different. You don’t call Avengers are X-Men, therefore don’t call Kamen Rider is Power Rangers (or don’t call Kamen Rider is Super Sentai). That’s the logic.

    Power Rangers are adapted from Super Sentai series starting from 1992 series Zyuranger. Tokusatsu is divided into sub-genres such as Super Sentai(Japanese Power Rangers), Kamen Rider, Metal Heroes, Ultraman, and many more…

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