Kingdom 2 Episode 1

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  • sneekyhippo said:

    man i cant wait for this to be subbed im so excited its finally back hurry with the sub

  • sneekyhippo said:

    man i cant wait for this to be subbed im so excited its finally back hurry with the sub.

  • Tokimeki said:

    IT IS BACK!!

  • Liu wing fie said:

    And it begins

  • wtf oohhhh said:


  • Doyy said:

    Finally its back!

  • hi said:

    AWESOME kingdom is back :D

  • Mumamba said:

    finally :)

  • bedirxan said:

    sub it K

  • King said:

    yay T_T im sooooo happy this summer gana epic

  • vixiv said:

    I wonder if subs for this will be as slow in coming as they are for Saint Seiya Omega.

  • Cema said:

    At last!

  • bedirxan said:

    couldnt wait and watched it without subs K

  • Dra said:

    By time episode 1 gets subbed season 3 would be aired

  • Bishop said:

    Theres already a private subs released but you gotta be a member of that forum and it gives you a torrent download only can be downloaded if you have seeding level is high enough tho.

  • p1dg30t said:

    How come the manga is behind the anime?

  • 41k said:

    finally sub’

  • Pandemonium said:

    Manga is already at chapter 346.. Its just not translated..

  • Bishop said:

    It seems they droped the 3D style anime module art , and went for the regular one, which is very awesome looking by the way high detail .
    3D has its own coolness ,however the standard one has the ability to represent emotion easier and better and more in detail.

  • rodgamer said:

    firs to post on sub

  • Mimya said:

    Finally! It’s up!

  • bedirxan said:

    sub s are to late damn it

  • Kincad said:

    OP/ED not as powerful as the 1st part and has yet to be topped.

  • dfgdfg said:

    I like the new opening animation, but the song is so gay literally with this happy-go-lucky and frolicking sound. It really killed the mood for me. The opening song of the first season was definitely better and defined the real epic feeling of this anime. At least, the new ending is pretty good and brings back that exciting feel to the anime.

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