Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 10

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  • ThePieGuy said:

    She took his powers I didn’t like her before but damn she pisses me off also Izumi Nase is quite a bitch

  • BaalZebul said:

    I really don’t know how i should feel about this :S

  • joseph said:

    damn that naze is a bich no doubt kuriyama did the right thin aki has never done something just trying to live the best he can.

  • Herpderp said:

    Feel bad for the girl, she has been manipulated so that the family could take “Beyond the Boundary” for themselves. I have a feeling that “Beyond the Boundary” isn’t exactly a youmu, rather it’s supposedly something like a gift that gives what it’s named; going beyond the boundaries of death. So people would obviously desire it because of the fact that it gives immortality. Have a feeling that the eldest sister desired it because of the grandfather possibly wanting it. Now they’re probably going to chase the girl for it zzzzz. Again this is all speculation, I have no idea if it’s right or wrong but it seems like it.

  • TheOne said:

    perhaps its actually beyond the ethereal horizon!(Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!)

  • creepypasta anime said:

    ok, well i was entirely wrong with my prediction last episode (not talking about the short) this anime is one of the best written anime iv seen for a while. what i dont understand, is why is Mirai still alive? it seems like she is in n alternat world of sadness. and where did Beyond the Boundary go?

  • RaikaZero said:

    I cried a little.

  • iupaM said:

    They are rushing this to much. To much plot info crammed together in 28 mins. Plus character development not enough. I really cared for these characters, but the lack character development make it really a waste of emotion.
    Also, the Nase family being bad is not a great plot twist when there are so much things that NEED to be explained before the exposition. All we got was Hiroomi finding out what the Nase family was planning, and he didn’t even expose it. So what now, was Miroku Fujima actually a good guy?
    This anime could have been arguably one of the best anime there is, but a plot/story that is rushed and full of holes can’t compete with ones that aren’t.

  • Nanou said:

    @creepypasta anime : I think Mirai is trapped in an alternate world, where it’s winter with a lifeless Akihito, and I think that world is INSIDE the Kyoukai no Kanata (do you remember when Akkey, Sakura and her were trapped in an alternate world inside the Hollow Shadow until she killed the main body ?)
    That’s why I don’t think she’s dead … yet. I hope Akihito will save her.

    But ugh when she said “Sayonara” I teared up Y_Y

  • Aurustius said:

    We had seen these episodes, but from a different POV. There is no reason to expand it for another 9 episodes after all – quick flashback is enough.

  • wakawaka said:

    23:07 – 23:10 probably the most moe thing ive seen in a long ass while

  • ahmed said:

    in the end Kuriyama was in beyond the boundary’s core maybe she’ll fight it and come back

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