Log Horizon Episode 22

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  • Voltz said:

    I feel like eating some cake now

  • Pool4 said:

    yay luv stowyyyyyy

  • DeathAwaits said:

    Love this anime.
    Cant believe there’s just 3 episodes left!
    It needs atöeast another 25 episodes! D:

  • HaremROMcom said:

    good thing there is a girl with big boobs or this would be a pure loli anime

  • I'm not giving out my name said:

    the funny thing is the middle schoolers taller than the college student

  • shiga33 said:

    I do not accept this. I do not want Minori to interfere or how ever you spell that. Akatsuki should be with Shiroe they fit way better together and she is way more CUTER THEN MINORI! AKatsuki so kawaiii!!!! Totally love this series hope they will not end at 25 episode well i do not think so because it has so much more potential to go further like Fairy Tail.

  • Polybius said:

    Okay, ill bite, what the hell happened to the battle from last episode?


    I support Shiro and Akatsuki
    but i was sad when Minori cried, yeah she will not end with her
    but still she is the one who will suffer :’(

    well that is love for her,
    also what a nice bro

  • chaos231 said:

    this shows story confuses me how will they end it? and what about that girl in shiros flash backs who is she and why isnt she in that world?
    ug 2 questions to many.

  • JokeonUUUU said:

    Plot twist: They all found out Shiroe is gay and is actually in love with Naotsugu.

  • Bobosprings said:

    Can someone please explain to me why that love thing is happening? Minori is a “grade-schooler” so she can only be a max of 11 years old. Shiroe is in college. I know this is a different world, but this is just ETHICALLY wrong. I feel like its a bit forced.

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