Log Horizon Episode 24

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  • Howy said:

    this anime’s attempt to become a psyhological,comedie,slice of life,adventure one is rather working.
    Thou it had a little of a downfall lately it seems is coming back on track by abusing the theme of a political war.
    P.S. Shiroe seems to finally be the scary glasses-wearing easy-going strategist i’ve been waiting for :3

  • ThePieGuy said:

    Amazing episode but I can’t believe there is only 1 left there has to be a season 2

  • Dutch-jimmy said:

    we whant more

  • Tomstone said:

    This is so much deeper than the Normal VR Story. I feel already sorry for them when it is time to say Goodbye at some point. They cannot stay in the Game forever.

  • BaalZebul said:

    Why not, nobody in the whole cast seems to care nor have we seen anyone even think about getting back to the real world.The whole anime has been about adapting to a new world. Somewhere along the line far in the future in a part of the Light novel that will probaly never be animated there will be some explanation about this game world, but the condition is probaly something irreversible or it has dire consequence to go back and so on, so they will stay in the game forever. If there ever is going to be a getting back arc ,than the whole thing about adapting and building a working society would have been pointless.

  • Sakata Gin said:

    all i want to know is how they got in the game in the first place.

  • God of Discord said:

    @BaalZebul I disagree there will always be an ending, and what the point of them getting scared of erasing there memories on there real world when they die? “it was only you! who only want to live in a game not them!” they have a real place to go back to, a real family, a real friends, “so don’t lump your self in them they are different, they have a real precious home wither its a sad or happy memories bcoz they are adventurer!”. a story is always have respective beginning and ending not your shity ideal ending!!!!

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