Magi Episode 22

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  • Rokkx said:


  • Nephtis said:


  • Lyconides said:


  • D3Coded said:


    Is this a trend or what?

  • Zeus said:

    Amazing is something that has change your life completely… this is pedestrian at best, especially if you’re hallucinating

  • Zeus said:

    god made a spelling error…
    it is an error as god cannot make mistakes, merely unavoidable errors…

  • Sha said:

    Is it me or this ep doesn’t still have subs? Where’s the raw label down the player?

  • lol said:

    i cant believe its still not subbed other anime are subbed in at most a day not say 3 days come on people

  • C.King said:

    it’s funky how all members of this team use fire

    actually the kou princesses and judal are all storm based too aren’t they?

  • Rail said:

    Man “amazing” trolls appeared in the comment box again >.< moderate it pls.

  • razarit said:

    i find it annoying how the subs come out 3-4 days after the initial release of the episode in japan =(

  • nope said:

    It’s a free sub and subbing takes time. Deal with the wait. You should be grateful people even sub it in the first place.

  • sadako said:

    3 evil magis vs 1 good magi kid :3

  • Oich said:

    ^ I agree, and it’s worth the wait.

  • bill nye the science guy said:

    but it really is…

  • Bobosprings said:

    They already stopped subbing tranken driland 20 episodes ago. you can only find it raw :P

  • Avrai said:

    SAVE MORG!!! cant wait god damnit

  • Kaz said:

    Worst ep imo this season. Thought this show was actually going to stop pandering to shipfags after last ep, but alas back to the PoS known as shoko.

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