Mirai Nikki Episode 23

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  • sunny said:

    we lost the lead

  • Avrai said:

    me need subs lol me cant wait damn u subs, why wont you let me watch?!

  • Niaka said:

    I’m seven minutes in…. and i’m breaking my damn toes. Yukiteru…. I agree with Yuno, your BAKA! T_T, YUNO IS SO CUTE! SHE IS ADORABLE! Fellow guys… You can’t disagree with me… She is.. KAWAII. Damnit Yukiteru… The world is ending either way, why not? Besides, she is adorable, but I think I have mentioned that already.

  • jungsion said:

    interesting so what does the little demon girl wearing the crown want

  • Niaka said:

    …….. OKAY! DIS IS SOME….. I CAN’T EVEN DESCRIBE IT! Dah shit?….

  • unbealiveable said:

    heads up, if the real Yuno from the second world died that means that Yukkii should be god already. since the real Yunu from world one is a god, she doesn’t count as the real Yuno from world 2. which means that Yukkii is god in the world 2. most likely why there are floating rocks beside him(like dragon ball z)<lol. but still this should be why he was able to talk to the imagine from the past. makes sense? comment back if i did some thing wrong. one more thing. from the last episode. WTF AKISE KISSED YUKKII WHAT IS THIS A YAOI AFTER THAT ITS A HENTAI STARING YUKKII AND YUNO JESUS CHRIST MAKE A BETTER ENDING THEN BOYS KISSING BOYS….

  • 34twqr said:

    wow took this long to tap her crazy ass.. wth kid
    id kill yuno, become god then steal the copy yuno who wnet to world 2 before she killed world 2′s yuno. so id end up with world 1′s yuno and as god. fixed

  • monkey said:

    i never gonna get surprised again….. O.o
    this one is the most………. well i had never EVER guessed that episode
    *second yuno, shit… guess next episode is the last one

  • vh said:

    verry nice cannot wait ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    i want to seee next ep faster it’s really needed to wait soo muchhhh i want to see it now!!!!!!!!

  • natsu said:

    i dont get it… who is the yuno that came to the past?? the one with axe or the one who is sitting???

  • Nikki said:

    Hi, so first off…
    I know the Yuno holding the axe is the one from world 1, the yuno that was sitting without an axe is world 2.
    I wish Yukiteru killed Yuno and then nobody else would be killed like hinata, akise :(
    except yeah there was a joke, of Akise X Yukiteru LOl and yeah its yaoi just to tell you ( yaoi = boy X boy. thats what yaoi is so dont search it off might contain innapropiate disgusting content )
    Anyways, Murmuru ( whatever her name was in the crown ) probably will kill Yuno and make world 3 which is possible XD

  • hei88 said:

    murmur u should of never of shown yuki that ever1 should know that some secrets just shouldn’t be brought to the light man that was twisted never would of thought yuno was already a god once

  • keep it real said:

    its my first time so be gentle lol tell that to the hundreds of people u killed

  • dikpikhans said:

    f*cking awesome. OMGG

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