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  • 阿良々木暦 said:

    It’s here! 最高!

  • jsmith said:

    wow i am glad they did this ova and the anime got is real ending ;)

  • ~N~ said:

    yes finally!

  • theprofessor said:


  • Rail-kun said:

    So that’s how the 3rd world Yuno gains her memories.

    This was the original ending of Manga!

  • Meh said:

    Now i can R.I.P

  • Ryoji said:

    I cant believe this just happened ;))

  • KakiroShiro said:

    Thanks for fixing the video ;3.

  • Jaaannn3 said:

    Wow !!! thank you. Now i’m satisfied :)

  • Skye said:

    For those of you who didn’t read the manga, you should definitely read the spin-offs, Mirai Nikki Mosaic and Mirai Nikki Paradox.

  • Logic said:

    I can die happily now!

  • Kurodalla said:

    THIS made me cry… a lot… now i can die with no regrets T.T

  • T4skForce141 said:

    This was one of my favorite all time animes, still remains one of them as well. Happy to see this ova.

  • loremasterz said:

    Manly tears.

  • Ok said:

    I can Die without regrets now.

  • JRTSeven said:

    ;_; bawlin my eyes out right now man.

  • Avrai said:

    Shit, bloody tears of happyness…

  • zero said:

    this was a good ending.

    extreme spoiler……………………………………………..alert

    so 1st world is gone, 2ed world is now ruled by yukie who let everything dissapear, 3rd world is still looking for a new god and 3rd yuno got back her memories from the 1st yuno and 2ed yuno, now she’s with yukie in the 2ed world.

    if anyone reads this can you say if its right or not cause i got lost this episode? plz and thank you.

  • loremasterz said:

    @ Zero
    Yeah thats what I understood too.

  • erick said:

    @ Zero
    3rd world Yuno was chosen to be the god the 3rd world in order for Yukki2 and Yuno3 to be together and to prevent another world to disappear. The breaking of the ceiling where Yukki was is the breaking of the wall that separated the different worlds. Meaning that the 2nd world and 3rd world united. So the new combined world has 3 Murumuru (1,2, and 3), both Yuno 3 and Yukki 2 as their gods, and Akise being the observer.

    The 1st world faded to oblivion when Yuno 1 killed herself in the end of the show, Murumuru 1 and Yuno’s 1 memories being the remnants of that world. Yuno3 got Yuno1′s memories, but since Yuno now knows how much Yukki loves her; Yuno3 doesn’t enter bat-shit crazy mode(yandere mode) anymore. I could be that the 1st world was recreated and merged with world2 and world3 because Murumuru1 was also there along with Yuno1′s memories, so it could be that Yuno3 has both the authority of world3 and world1.

    For more background info (lore if you wish):
    *In the original 24 episodes, 6th, Yukki, Yuno and Murumuru where able to travel between worlds. Meaning that Deus knows about there being other worlds, but he doesn’t give a crap about them unless they do something in the world he rules. The events of the Mirai Nikki made the Deus of the 3rd world to do something to prevent something like that to happen, this also changed how he thinks of how he chooses his successor. This event caused Deus3, and maybe the others to, to do something; so the wall between worlds was created. This explains why the god Yukki doesn’t just take the Yuno 3 and put Yuno1′s memories on her, the dialogue that Murumuru2 says at the end of the OVA, and why god Yukki was shocked that Yuno3 did what she did.

    *Akise was made by Deus as an observer, and it is given hints that though created as an observer; Deus gave him free will to choose who he wants to be and that he was created after the game began. Akise is trusted by the other Deus’. There are many Akises’ like the other characters, but Akise seems to be the only one to have connected memories/consciousness with his other selves. Good example is how even Deus3 was oblivious to what happened in the 2nd world even though Deus2 knew something was happening.

    *Murumuru and Deus are some of the most interesting characters in the story. In the beginning of the OVA, Murumuru2 announced the Yukki2 as the new god of world2. But the question lies in how Murumuru is able to do so. Murumuru has that power to grant ANYONE the powers of a god as long as there is a reason. It doesn’t matter if the current god is dead or not. Example Yuno1 became the new god when Deus1 was still alive, another one would be the anime; Deus2 died after Yukki2 and Yuno1 started fighting near the end. Which is a few hours later that what happened to the 1st world. What and who Murumuru is still a mystery, even if i read into it so much; the only conclusion i can get is that Murumuru is a part of whoever the deity is, an avatar of part of the power that the god/goddess has if you will (like Margaret, Elizabeth, and Theo in the Person Series). In the OVA Deus3 said that even he has an end, which implies that there could have been others before him or that no god is immortal. Deus has the power to create and destroy, but he can’t bring back the life of the dead. It seems rather questionable, since he literally holds the 1 universe in his hands. And like Murumuru, Deus is a mystery. My conclusion is that, Deus knew from the beginning that he will eventually die (either by those before him, he just choose to be mortal, or he really did have an expiration date), so in order for his successor to not completely be abusive with their new power, Deus or his ancestors created/choose a being that limited the power of the god/goddess. And that being is Murumuru. Their ages were not mentioned in the manga or anime so there is no way of knowing if Deus had ancestors and Murumuru was the the avatar of the separated power, if Deus choose Murumuru to be the avatar, or if Deus had previous assistants and Murumuru was just the most current one.

  • dikpikhans said:

    amazing, awesome, too good to be true. I reallly love this anime

  • BatcatGamer said:

    Best, anime, ever.

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