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  • theman said:

    wow i didn’t even know they made this in to anime… the best bondage manga ever!!!

  • Mysteric Angel said:

    O_O… I can’t wait for more… *licks lips*

  • Frogger said:

    lol. Hypothetically speaking, if she allows someone to do that to her, she must trust that person a lot. A girl in a pose like that and doing those things, how can Kaoru as a guy hold back, lol. His face looks like a rapist face the entire time!

  • hmmm said:

    This was very erotic. I actually enjoyed the entire episode. Frogger is completely right though. S&M requires a contract, trust, and safety beyond anything else. I would never restrict a woman on her first or second try. Even if something like that did a occur; a release switch of some kind should be made for her. What happens if that dude takes it too far, a fire occurs, or the master passes out? Only bad things for both parties. The safety word was the only thing that I saw was done right for a moment and even that was messed up. She told him to stop and he didn’t. He even went so far as to pretend he never said anything about a safety word. This might work in anime, but in real life. I would suggest never having a partner/master of this kind. It would end up being very dangerous.

    I am not even going to get started on whether he had those ropes bound on her too tightly. You have to pay attention to stuff like this. She seems like the type that would pass out with too much stimulation as well. I enjoy these types, but they require a lot more attention. You can’t just bind someone up like that and expect it to all be fine and dandy. My rant is done for now. If your really interested in S&M. Join some intro forums, read books, and watch videos on it. Never go gung hoe into it.

  • Alocer said:

    I agree @hmmm but still i still dont want to much ecchi anime’s

  • dumbass said:

    that kid really does look like a rapist

  • jungsion said:

    this was originally classified as hentai yrs ago when it first came out guess with all the ecchi anime that has been coming out S&M doesnt count as hentai as long nothing is shown

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