Naruto Shippuuden Episode 324

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  • yugi said:

    it’s a filler! i thought it’s all over but they sneaked again.

  • ds said:

    so true

  • Raijin said:

    its not exactly filler but that part with the bubble guy flashback was unnecessary

  • kalin said:

    It’s not a filler it’s just a flashback.

  • Demelicos said:

    I kinda wanted to see that battle, so I am fine with that part. But the amount of boring flashbacks was pointless and boring. I hope that it isn’t going to be that way for everyone of the jinchÅ«riki.

  • red said:

    Flashback like that is filler…. worthless ep.

  • YES said:

    Obito Obito Obito ~

  • dasdd said:

    actually it’s not a filler nor a flashback it’s a flashback of a filler and a bit of added fighting and apparetnly the robot pain has a solar beam in his head… because why not.

  • dasdd said:

    and another amazing thing why is summoning path a girl? Because at this point it’s supposed to be that other guy that Jiraya kills later she was just a substitute.

  • C.King said:

    kinda filler but what ever this guy is awesome! killing people with bubbles! also that blue tail form of his was too interesting to be so short what was that?

  • Divine said:

    Jupp. I just skipped through the worthless flashback. The fight-intro was still quite good. But it really felt like a 5min episode xD

  • BaalZebul said:

    well i know flashbacks, i know fillers, i even know flashbacks in fillers, but flashback of a filler; that is new -.-

  • T4skForce141 said:

    People are complaining way too much, they just want to get through the story like it wasn’t even a story.

    Flash backs and Fillers are interesting and add more depth to the story, while people keep complaining about this, I just sit here and enjoy more information on this series and learn more and more and get more and more interested.

  • DBjamin said:

    Curious… if a jinchuriki becomes more like their tailed beast the closer they get to having all the tails… how come Utakata didn’t turn into the 6 tailed best when he had all 6 tails out????

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