Naruto Shippuuden Episode 345

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  • McChicken said:

    DAMN!!! The ending was pure Crazy Tobi is a F*cking bad @SS!

  • redhook said:

    was worth the filler, i dont care what other says

  • Overthinker said:

    um….did i lose an episode or something cause ,what kakashi did,it something i would think would of been mentioned in the last 345 episodes …uuuuhh guess il need to search if that actually happened or ever mentioned in the anime in a flashback episode or something ,cause if this is the first episode that this thing got mentioned then i would of been like ‘OMG KAKASHI WHY YOU DID THAT,EXPLAIN!!!’

  • kalin said:

    It’s gonna be one flashback after another.

  • Shorter said:

    Seeing Obito kicking ass is awesome!!! Shame this episode is so short

  • Avrai said:

    SICK BASTARD! I love how he moves and blood flushes everywhere xD

  • TF3D said:


    I think it’s pretty obvious man. The enemie was clearly aiming for Rin’s body, even after she died. Kakashi probably wasn’t able to protect them from the enemies anymore so he did what was necessary. He made sure the enemies would’t get their hands on her body alive.

  • Tomstone said:

    Please, Please, Please, finish this freaking Battle before they start up with Months of Fillers again!

  • NIku said:

    This ain’t a filer guys!! Its for real!

  • Divine said:

    Overthinker I think they are leaving it out until they go back to the battle and then he manage to explain and get Tobi to switch side so its madara and statue vs the world. Just a guess tho…

  • Azereus said:


    He was turned into the Jinjuriki of the 3-Tails their plan was to break that seal and use the 3-Tails to attack The Hidden Leaf.

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